Summer Trend Report: Bums, Rainbows, Shells & More

May 11, 2020

Summer is creeping up on us, so we thought we’d share our favourite interior trends that you’ll spot popping up on your social media feeds over the next few months. Back in February we shared the trends that will remain consistent throughout the year. These new micro-trends all fit in effortlessly with those bigger trends with an added bonus – you can add them to your home with the simple addition of one or two affordable accessories. If you’re looking to add a trend-led touch to your home for less, read on.


Boobs & Bums

Probably not one to gift to your Grandma, but everywhere we look we’re seeing boobs and bums! These cheeky motifs are showing up everywhere from statement vases to abstract prints to decorate your walls. There’s no need to go overboard on this trend, just add one or two bold accessories that will instantly put a smirk on your face.

Get the look with our Cheeky Vase or Betty Boob Vase.

Summer Trend Report



We’ve been chasing rainbows this year, and have lots of lovely rainbow designs to add to our collection very soon! We love how rainbows play on the arch trend, adding colour and personality to that most stylish silhouette. Introduce a rainbow-shaped mirror, rainbow motifs or prints displaying rainbows to tap into the trend.

Get the look with our Rainbow Mirror or Abstract Rainbow Print.

Summer Trend Report



Dried Flowers & Grasses

Dried grasses have been on trend for quite some time, proving to be a trend that shows no sign of waning. This is a quick and easy trend to introduce into your home, arranging a selection of dried foliage in a vase to place on a shelf, on top of a sideboard or on a window sill. To give the trend a slight update, we’ve noticed dried flowers growing in popularity, either arranged as a single stem in a statement vase or styled as a bouquet mixing grasses and flowers together. We also love the pops of colour that have started appearing in dried foliage, adding a fun twist to the trend.

Get the look with our Dried Flower Bouquets or Pampas Grass.

Summer Trend Report


Abstract Silhouettes

We’re looking to Picasso for inspiration this season with abstract silhouettes showing up everywhere from prints to cushions. Thankfully the trend focuses on the female form with curvy silhouettes embracing the true shape of the female body. The beauty of these abstract figures is the simple detail means they aren’t explicit, allowing you to display prints on your walls without worrying about what guests might think!

Get the look with our Abstract Figure Print or Abstract Face Cushion.

Summer Trend Report



The trend for scalloping has evolved into a micro-trend for seashells. We may not be escaping to the beach anytime soon, but we can bring the seaside into our homes with the addition of accessories shaped like shells. We love the versatility of this trend, as scallop shells may be the obvious choice but we’re noticing other types of shell appearing as bowls, vases and decorative objects.

Get the look with our Ceramic Shell Bowl or Shell Wall Hooks.

Summer Trend Report


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