Five Interior Trends for your Home in 2023

Five Interior Trends for your Home in 2023

As we enter 2023, the way we think about our homes and use our spaces continues to shift. There’s a common theme that runs through the interior trends for the year ahead: we want our homes to brighten our moods and be an emotional refuge. The uncertainties we’ve faced in our day-to-day lives in recent times are clearly reflected, with a focus on uplifting colour, playful pieces and a desire to go back to ‘better times’ with nostalgic designs. Here at Rose & Grey we’ve chosen to highlight five key trends that won’t just be fleeting fads and are super easy to implement within your home in the coming months.

Nostalgic Design

The appeal of retro design has been on the rise for a few years now, but it’s in 2023 that it’s really set to make a comeback as people desire to bring more soulful pieces to their homes and express themselves with a more eclectic look. This trend isn’t just about recreating a whole room from the seventies with antiques, but instead it’s about reimagining vintage finds by mixing them with contemporary pieces to make a space that is uniquely yours.

You could pair a modern sideboard or shelving unit with thrifted finds from antique shops and charity shops or breathe new life into a retro piece of furniture by pairing it with new accessories and lighting. As an alternative, why not cheat by investing in new pieces inspired by old designs, such as our Mid-Century Collection or our popular seventies-inspired Jethro sofa.

Leather sofa

Make an Entrance

Easy updates that make a big difference are growing popular as people look for more budget-friendly improvements that can add value to their homes. This year, one area in particular looks set to receive attention and that is the entranceway. Transform your hallway, door and front garden to make a great first impression and also provide yourself with a pick-me-up every time you walk through your door. If you have the space in your hallway, you could add a locker or bench, or keep it simple but impactful with a new mirror, artwork or lighting. Outside, you could give your front door a lick of paint and add a few lovely scented potted plants around the entrance.


Playful Pieces

We’ve seen this trend growing throughout 2022, and it’s getting even bigger and ‘weirder’ in 2023 as many look for a creative outlet and as a result are using their homes to express themselves. The playful design trend is all about experimenting with pattern, colour and shapes and showcasing your personality. This could be through adding striped cushions, chequered vases or twisty marshmallow side tables. Or you could take it a little further and head into ‘weirdcore design’ territory, which features a rise in mushroom décor and fantasy art. It’s all about having fun and embracing the out of the ordinary this year.

Wavy glass vase

Wiggles and Waves

Continuing on from playful design, 2023 sees the evolution of the curve trend from soft meandering lines and arches to more fun and fluid wiggles and waves. It’s less subtle and with more twists and turns than its preceding embodiment of the trend, yet this incarnation still has the same calming nature and ability to soften a room full of sharp lines and square corners. You’ll be seeing these curvy shapes everywhere this year: they’re finding their way onto mirrors, picture frames and even tables, as well as a pattern used on everything from cushions to tableware.

Wavy bowl

Uplifting and Warm Colour

All-white walls are falling out of favour. With earthy tones and sunset hues rising in popularity, it’s time to bring warmer and more cheerful colour to your home. Think about introducing terracotta, mustard, pink or brown shades in to create a relaxing space, and layer different colours within a space to add dimension and bring cosiness. For instance, think about painting your ceiling, doors or woodwork in a warm tone rather than leaving them white. To complement these hues which work perfectly with the nostalgic retro trend, darker woods like walnut are back in style for furniture.

There is also a move towards experimenting with more vibrant and bright colours to bring optimism. This is seen in Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta 18-1750, a shade of red that stems from nature but is punchy and powerful. It could inspire your wall colour if you want to make a statement, or be brought into a more neutral home through accessories.

Leather sofa

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