Six Ways to Use Our Storage Lockers

Six Ways to Use Our Storage Lockers

Our brand-new Mustard Made storage lockers are the talk of our showroom at the moment! If you pop in for a visit, the lockers are snuggled in the back corner of the showroom, their bright colours popping out against our grey walls. We’ve mixed and matched the colours to inspire you to do so yourself, or you could opt for a row of lockers all in the same colour if you prefer. Similarly, one singular locker can be used for a multitude of purposes. Wondering how you’d use one in your own home? Read on for six suggestions.

As a Side Table

The Shorty short lockers are perfect for using around the home as extra side tables. Perfect for injecting a burst of colour into a room that’s crying out for it (or opt for our white or grey lockers if colour isn’t your thing), the lockers offer extra surfaces and storage in the same package. In your living room, they’re perfect for storing away those bits & bobs that don’t have a home – bills, gloves and umbrellas. Store all your clutter away and use the lockers as a place to pop your cup of tea or a pile of magazines that you’re waiting to read.


As Kitchen or Dining Room Storage

If you’re limited for space in your kitchen, our Skinny tall lockers offer extra storage for tableware or glassware. We love the idea of placing two or three lockers on an unused wall in either the kitchen or dining room and filling them with your favourite bowls, mugs and plates for easy access. You could even decide to use the lockers as a pantry, dedicating shelves to herbs & spices or tinned foods. Our white and grey lockers are perfect for a pared-back, Scandinavian-inspired room, or you could add a splash of colour with the pink, yellow, green or blue lockers.

Pink locker

As a Small Wardrobe

All of the Skinny tall lockers have a rail at the top, two hooks on the inside door and four adjustable shelves that you can easily move around. If you only have a small wardrobe or you’re looking for extra storage in the bedroom, a couple of lockers placed together could provide a unique take on the traditional wardrobe. Take out the upper shelves and hang your favourite clothes from the rail, or remove the rail completely and use the shelves to store everything from folded jumpers to rows of shoes.

White locker

As a Bedside Table

You could mix-and-match different coloured lockers in your bedroom, using one colour for a wardrobe and short lockers in a complementary colour as bedside tables. The short lockers come with two adjustable shelves where you can store all of the essential items that you like to have beside the bed, such as phone chargers and books. The matching wire baskets can be placed inside the lockers, on top or underneath, providing further storage.

Mustard locker

As Office Storage

Whether you’re sprucing up a home office or looking to update your workplace, our storage lockers are ideal! Imagine if your school lockers had looked this cool? Whatever your job, the lockers are perfect for storing away everything from camera equipment to paperwork. If you have lots of things that need storing away, an entire wall of lockers in different colours could make a bold impact.

As a Bathroom Cabinet

The width of the lockers makes them ideal for bathroom cabinets, as they can squeeze into small spaces. Choose whether to go for a tall or short locker dependent on space, and fill the shelves with towels, toiletries and loo roll. Pop a trailing plant on top and use the inside hooks to hang small towels or wash bags.

Mustard locker

Mustard lockers

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