How to Style the Abigail Ahern Collection in your Home

How to Style the Abigail Ahern Collection in your Home

We’re absolutely thrilled to be a brand new stockist of Abigail Ahern’s beautiful faux plants!

Not only do her plants add an extra dimension of a burst of vibrant green to your home, but they require no care at all. No longer do you have to fret about placing your plants in direct sunlight or remembering to water them twice a day; simply place them wherever you like and sit back and admire. Her faux cacti are also a great opportunity if you have inquisitive pets or children that keep you from collecting the real thing.

The main thing that we love about these luscious plants, however, is that they fit in perfectly with absolutely any interior scheme. You don’t need to worry about the colour or style, simply pick your favourite!

Abigail hern
Photo: Rose & Grey

For our photoshoot, we placed a collection of Abigail Ahern faux plants against a dark grey wall in our new showroom, with dark wooden floorboards. The bursts of green looked lovely against the grey wall, and the metal trolley gave the images that industrial look that we adore! It’s so simple to recreate this look in your own home; all you need is a lick of dark paint on a feature wall and a trolley to place a collection of plants on and around. We particularly love this idea for rooms that lack a central focal point such as a fireplace.

We looked to Abigail Ahern’s own styling for inspiration when we planned our shoot. Her imagery always focuses on dark and moody backgrounds where the vibrant green hues of the faux plants are the dominant hue among plenty of black and charcoal, with the occasional pop of white. The image below is one of Abigail’s own, and shows how well the plants can fit in with either a rustic or industrial home. Exposed brick walls are the perfect contrast for the luscious greens!

Photo: Abigail Ahern
Photo: Abigail Ahern

Do you prefer maximalism or minimalism? We’re somewhere in the middle, but the Abigail Ahern collection works equally well with either! Pictured below, the Aloe Vera plant, Cacti Vase and California Buds look stunning among an array of colours, textures and other decorations. If you prefer to keep things simple, pick just one faux plant and place it in pride of place.

Photo: @catherines_decor
Photo: @catherines_decor

Vintage leather sofas are our favourite for timeless style, so it was lovely to stumble across this beautiful photograph that shows how well a beloved Chesterfield looks with a faux cactus! Mix with dark walls to get this look.

Photo: @kerrylockwood_
Photo: @kerrylockwood_

If you prefer a more contemporary aesthetic, modern furniture and touches of concrete look great surrounded by an urban jungle of fake cacti and succulents. Again, this look embraces dark walls, but would work equally well with cool white or pale grey.

Photo: Abigail Ahern
Photo: Abigail Ahern

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