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Hallway Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Entranceway

Here at Rose & Grey, we’re firm believers that the hallway is one of the most important parts of the home. It’s the first room your guests see when they come to visit, so making a great first impression that sets the tone for the rest of your space is a must.

But since hallways are typically small and narrow, it can be tricky to find that balance between cosy and cluttered.

If your hallway is overdue a much-needed refresh, don’t worry, we’re here to talk you through how to create the perfect entranceway. We delve into lighting ideas, our favourite décor pieces, smart storage solutions, and more hallway ideas to help you create a warm and inviting welcome. 

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Small & Narrow Hallway Ideas

Use light colours to create the illusion of more space

Transform your hallway with the illusion of grand space by experimenting with the colour of your walls. Using off-whites, pastels, and light neutral shades is an age-old trick in any interior designer’s rulebook for creating the illusion of a bigger room.

Lighter hues illuminate even the darkest corners of your hallway. They bounce natural light around the room, making it feel open and airy. Try giving your hallway a fresh lick of paint to see how it instantly changes the depth of your entranceway. 

Add mirrors to reflect more light

If you don’t want or aren’t able to change up the colour of your walls, we have another trick for you. 

Mirrors recreate the same effect of light wall colours – they reflect natural light to brighten and increase the airy feel of a room. Round wall mirrors are a classic option for hallways, but our selection of mirrors also includes oval, arch, and curved designs that greet your guests with added intrigue.

If you have a console table near your front door, hang a wall mirror above it to reflect as much light as possible from your door and any windows. You can also try positioning a rectangular mirror horizontally along your wall, to give the illusion of a longer room. Save your full length or leaning mirrors for your bedroom – the hallway is a high traffic area which can lead to free-standing mirrors being easily knocked.

Frill frame mirror by Rose & Grey

Choose floating storage to free up floor space

In small and narrow hallways, how you utilise floor space can make all the difference. Being able to see more of your floor will instantly give the impression of more space. 

But that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your beloved storage. 

Select wall-mounted or floating shelving to keep your things off the floor. Alternatively, choose tall and narrow storage that uses vertical space instead. Open and glass storage can also appear less bulky than solid or opaque furniture as you can see more of the floor and wall space around it.

Ornate round shelf by Rose & Grey

Add an accent wall

All-white walls can feel sterile and cold, but smaller hallways can feel loud and chaotic when filled with too many bright colours. Strike a balance by including an accent wall in your hallway.

The contrast of a patterned or bold paint colour along the stairs can create a beautiful statement when paired with pale or neutral walls and furnishings. 

Hallway Lighting Ideas

Layer your lighting to illuminate the whole room

Lighting in the hallway should be layered to help make the area feel more exciting and spacious. After all, they’re designed to help you move from room to room, so you’ll want to have a clearly lit but cosy walkway.

Floor lamps help to direct light upwards but can leave the lower sections of your wall in the dark. Create an evenly lit feel by mixing your lamps with downlights to wash light all along your walls and bring brightness to your room. 

Bobbin floor lamp by Rose & Grey

Opt for pendant lights

Pendant lights are a stylish addition and can transform the feel of any space. Depending on the size of your hallway, you might want to hang two pendant lights to guarantee sufficient brightness – otherwise, it can have the opposite effect of leaving some areas in patches of darkness.

Line multiple pendant lights down your hall and vary their lengths. This technique can accentuate the height of your hall while creating plenty of visual intrigue.

Pendant Rattan Ceiling Light

Add ambience with table lamps

If you have a console table in your hallway, a table lamp can fit right at home to create soft, diffused light. 

Wider tables can suit a pair of lamps placed symmetrically for a put-together feel that’s pleasing to look at. But, for smaller consoles, a single lamp prevents the area from looking cluttered; it’ll still cast a gentle pool of illumination that’s ideal for inviting warmth to hallways. 

Select a natural material like jute or raffia for those finishing texture details.

Bronze table lamp and navy blue shade

Hallway Décor Ideas

Use runner rugs for added comfort

With so many homes favouring tiles or wooden flooring in the hallway, it can be rare to see carpet there these days. Easy-to-clean and convenient, yes, but it’s not the most inviting feeling for guests to slip off their shoes onto a cold, unforgiving floor.

The solution? Runners. Along with an added touch of comfort, runner rugs can elevate your space and add personality to your interior. Unlike regular rugs, they do a great job of leading the eye towards the distance to create a sense of space. 

Choose a patterned rug that creates a standout centrepiece or opt for a natural texture for a more muted, understated elegance.

We know that not all hallways are made the same, though. If your hallway isn’t ideal for runners, you can still add texture with a woven doormat to add warmth to the area.

Black & cream striped rug

Invite freshness into your home

Stepping into a cosy hallway from outside can be a saving grace in wet weather, but on brighter days, inviting the natural light and fresh air inside can create an uplifting entryway.

Why not go one step further by bringing in fresh fragrance with flowers? Display them in a beautiful vase on your console table – vary the colour of the blooms for a joyful feel or choose a single variation for a coherent style. If a busy lifestyle means that you’re not cut out for fresh blossoms, consider dried flowers or grasses instead. These elegant pieces capture natural beauty and texture all year round.

Artificial pink flower and puffy vase by Rose & Grey

Hallway Storage Ideas

Give your guests somewhere to store their coats

An empty hallway devoid of storage isn’t ideal for when guests come to visit, but it’s a great opportunity to introduce coat hooks or a rack. A decorative coat stand makes for an interesting talking point and statement piece, but it can feel intrusive in smaller hallways.

For a space-saving option, we love wall hooks. They free up floor space and can double up to hang planters (when not in use) too!

Sage Mustard Made Locker

Make space for seating

We all know that hallways are where last-minute coats and shoes get shrugged on as we dash out the door.

If you have the space, a bench is a wonderful and useful addition to any home. Simple and streamlined, use it to make time to sit and slow down as you get ready. Turn it into a cosy snug with cushions and drape a throw for whenever you want that added comfort. Or, try sliding a storage basket beneath it to keep your umbrellas, bags, and shoes close by but out of sight.

We particularly love seeing benches that make the most of the space under the stairs!

Navy hallway bench

Introduce a colourful console table 

Contemporary interiors often call for toned-down neutrals, but we’re here to say that there’s no better way to make an entrance than with well-chosen pops of colour.

Swap out classic wooden or glass console tables with metal lockers in cheerful pastel shades. When accompanied by paired-back walls and accessories, a bright piece of hallway storage offers a lovely interior flourish.

Our Mustard Made Lowdown Lockers stand at the perfect height for a console table; dress the top with a monochrome print and trinket dish then keep your important items locked away safely inside.

For something small and sweet, the Shorty Lockers are a great choice and size for dropping your keys as you walk through the door.

Mustard made berry locker

Hallway ideas to create a warm welcome

Give your guests a great first impression and set the tone for the rest of your home with a welcoming entranceway. From tricks to make the room look bigger to clever storage ideas that make your space work harder, there are plenty of hallway ideas to make it look pretty and feel practical.
Discover our full selection of furniture and accessories or visit the Rose & Grey blog for more styling ideas.

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