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Display Cabinet Styling Tips

Display cabinets offer the perfect hybrid between storage and shelving – a place to keep your belongings organised while also giving you an opportunity to have fun with styling. We all love playing around with a shelfie at Rose & Grey, so we thought we’d share our tips for styling our lovely new cabinets and sideboards.

For us, the most important thing is not to cram a display cabinet full of odds and ends. Remember that you and any guests to your home can see what sits inside your cabinet. We like to treat them like a shelving unit, rather than a cupboard where you can hide away clutter.

Display cabinet

Our display cabinets feel most at home in a reception room such as a dining room, living room or a large open-plan kitchen-diner. Allow the room that they sit in to dictate what sits inside. If they are used in a living room, style books, vases and ornaments inside. For kitchen-diners, they offer the best place to show off your favourite crockery and glassware. And for open-plan living spaces, you can get creative and style a mixture of pieces.

Glass cabinet

Treat your display cabinet as you would a shelf – balancing out colours, shapes and sizes when you consider where to place objects. Add height by stacking plates and bowls on top of each other, or laying cookbooks flat in a stack. Place bowls, vases or ornaments on top of piles of books to create interest and create a more balanced display. To make things more interesting, take items such as a nice chopping board and stand upright at the back of the cabinet – this adds more depth while catching your eye. Also, be careful not to overfill your cabinet. Check the maximum weight limit for each shelf – remember that books and crockery can be heavy!

Wooden cabinet

If you have a lot of clutter to hide away, opt for a cabinet that also features a concealed cupboard or perhaps something with a clever design – like our Linear Cabinet that has a sliding door that conceals half of the cupboard while revealing the other half. You can keep one side looking minimal and stylish while hiding away messier bits and pieces on the hidden side.

Tableware in display cabinet

Don’t forget to consider which items you will need easier access to. Store items such as well-thumbed cookbooks and your favourite bowls within easy reach – you don’t want to be removing piles of tableware to have access to the plate you use the most.

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