Take A Tour Of Our Sofa Workshop

Take A Tour Of Our Sofa Workshop

The Rose & Grey team took a visit to our sofa factory in the North West of England so we can show you the love and attention that goes into every sofa you buy from us. From the hand-built wooden frames to the strict quality control, every step of the process is designed to bring you a comfortable sofa that is made with love and built to last. Read on to learn about each process that will go into your future sofa, so you know you're in safe hands when you shop with Rose & Grey.

Fabric cutting and Sewing

Once your order comes to us, the team get to work. Firstly, the team cut the high-quality fabric you've chosen into the shapes required to cover your frame before sending it onto the sewing department where the fabric is assembled into the final pieces that will cover your sofa. On our trip, we got to see first-hand the care and attention that goes into every stitch.

Hand-built hardwood frames

While your fabric is being cut and sewn, across the workshop, another team is getting to work hand building your hardwood frame. All our timber is ethically sourced so your frame is being made sustainably. We sculpt the curves and shapes of our sofas using quality timber and assemble using dowels and screws, this means the sofa frames are stronger and last a lot longer a lifetime.


Once covered, the fabric is then hand brushed and steamed, loose threads are cut away, feet are polished, cushions are filled and plumped. Any additional buttoning is done by hand using a method that has been meticulously developed, allowing our sofa experts to efficiently ensure each button is perfectly and evenly attached

Quality control

Throughout the process, quality control is an essential part of creating a sofa we know you'll love. At every stage, all elements of your sofa are checked over to ensure only the best pieces make it out of the workshop. From the smallest stitch to the largest frames, every detail is checked so you get the sofa you've dreamed of.

When you purchase a sofa from Rose & Grey, you know you're in safe hands. Our team work hard to create a product that you'll love and will last a lifetime. Between our expert craftsmen, our friendly customer service and our premium quality delivery service, both you and your sofa will be getting the best treatment from start to finish. We say a Rose & Grey sofa is made with love and built to last. Hopefully, this look behind the curtain at the work that goes into your sofa will help you understand why we say that and why we have such trust in our products.

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