Eclectic Design Tips for your Home

Eclectic Design Tips for your Home

Does anyone really only identify with just one interior style? It’s all well and good to say that you’re a minimalist or that you love Mid-Century Modern design – but surely you’re tempted by other styles from time to time?

Our showroom is a smorgasbord of different design aesthetics, showcasing everything from glamorous velvet sofas to rattan tables, concrete accessories and retro rocking chairs. We’re firm believers in creating an eclectic home that showcases your personality, rather than completely replicating a look that you’ve seen online. If you favour a particular style and your home is decorated predominantly in line with this look, there’s no reason why you can’t add an eclectic twist with the addition of a few statement pieces.

It can be tricky to balance a variety of styles in one space, so we have pulled together a selection of tips to help you to create a more eclectic home.

Less is more

Don’t go overboard on the accessories if you’re aiming to create an eclectic space. You’re aiming for a look that is less jumble sale and more design led. Place interesting accessories in different corners of the room and don’t be afraid to curate a statement shelf filled with interesting objects, just avoid cluttering up every surface in the room with your foraged finds.

Book shelf

Stick to a colour palette

Select a neutral base (e.g. white walls), a complementary main colour (e.g. a midnight blue sofa) and a just a couple of accent hues to keep the room from looking too busy. If you stick to a handful of colours that work well together, your room will look more pleasing on the eye.

Bertie armchair

Plan a focal point

Without a bold focal point, an eclectic room could look too busy and chaotic. Create a focal point based around an existing design feature such as a fireplace or by introducing a statement piece of furniture such as a vibrant velvet sofa.

Rosie sofa

Don’t go overboard

Introducing too many different styles will swing an eclectic interior in the wrong direction. When you’re styling the room, pay attention to detail and carefully consider every item that you’re adding.



Be consistent

If you’re going to introduce a statement accessory such as a Moroccan cushion or a Mid-Century clock to a room, add a couple of complimentary items to tie the look together.

Rosie sofa

Eclectic sofas

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