Quiz: Which Sofa is for You?

Quiz: Which Sofa is for You?

If you’re looking for a new sofa, we’re here to help. Our made-to-order sofas are the show-stopped pieces of our collection, with two main ranges to choose from (Urban and Snuggle). The perfect combination of style and comfort, all of our sofas are designed to look good in your home while being a comfy place to rest at the end of a long day. We understand that it can be tricky to decide which sofa is the right one for your home – there are so many things to consider, such as size, colour and material. Your living room is the heart of your home so choosing the right sofa is important. To help you out, we’ve created a fun quiz that will hopefully lead you in the right direction to find your dream sofa. If you need any further help, please feel free to contact us for advice!

What size sofa are you looking for?

A) As big as possible, I have a large family

B) A classic three-seater

C) Something spacious but simple

D) I’m more bothered about design than size

E) I don’t have much space so I’m looking for more of a snuggle seat

Top tip: If you’re not sure what size sofa you should be looking for, trying cutting the dimensions out of a large piece of card  to place on the floor and see how much space it would take up in your room. This can also help you to see if the sofa would fit in through your door.

What shapes & silhouettes do you prefer?

A) I love soft and squishy sofas that the whole family can sink into

B) I’m attracted to classic shapes and timeless styles

C) Something super sleek and ultra modern

D) I’m really attracted to on-trend curves

E) Any shape is fine, as long as the sofa is small

Top tip: If your room is already quite busy, opt for a simple streamlined silhouette that you won’t get bored of.

Let’s talk about colour! Do you prefer brights or neutrals?

A) I like bright fun colours that will add character to the living room

B) I prefer neutrals that won’t go out of fashion

C) I like to keep things simple with classic shades of grey

D) Something on trend and stylish, like a burnt terracotta or blush pin

E) I’m not fussy – I love both vibrant hues and classic greys

Top tip: Thinking of opting for a bright colour but worried it won’t work in your home? Order samples of our fabrics and test them out in different lighting conditions in the room the sofa is going into.

Do you want a sofa that will last forever or a more trend-led piece?

A) It needs withstand a hectic family lifestyle with children and pets using it daily

B) I’m looking for a sofa that will last for many years

C) I like minimal, classic designs that will stand the test of time

D) I like trend-led pieces but expect high quality

E) It doesn’t have to last a lifetime as I may want a larger sofa in the future

Top tip: If you’re looking for a sofa that will last for years to come, be wary of opting for a trend-led style and look at more classic designs.

Obviously, you want your sofa to be comfortable but what is more important to you?

A) I need to be able to lie down and cuddle the kids on the sofa

B) I like a soft seat but prefer a style that supports my back

C) I want a comfortable sofa that doesn’t compromise on style

D) Comfort is important but I’m all about the aesthetics

E)  A snug little seat that I can sink into

Top tip: Think about how you like to sit on your sofa – are you a lounger or do you prefer to sit upright?

Who will be mainly using the sofa?

A) My entire family – including a gaggle of children and the dog

B) Me, my partner and any guests to our home

C) Me and my partner

D) Anyone I want to impress

E) Just me, and sometimes my partner

Top tip: It sounds obvious, but make sure you have enough room for all the people who regular sit in your living room. If your son’s girlfriend, daughter’s friends or next door neighbours are always popping over, make sure you can seat them all comfortably. 

Did you answer mainly …


If you’re looking for a large sofa that will work for a busy family home, we’d recommend our Mabel, Betsy or Oscar three-seaters. These designs are roomy enough to kick off your shoes and lie down, cuddle your partner, snuggle up with the kids or even allow your pets to jump up and get cosy. The seat and back cushions are soft and squishy, helping to make these styles the sort of sofas that you can sink into. They’re ideal for larger rooms and look amazing when chosen in bright pops of colour – although we do also offer several shades of grey if you’re looking for a more subtle colour.

Mabel sofa


We think you’d love one of our classic Chesterfield sofas! The Hugo and the Albert are two of our best-selling styles thanks to their timeless design and the range of sizes and colours available. It sounds like you’re after more of a traditional sofa, so perhaps one of our shades of grey would work best for you but we could sway your mind with our vintage green or midnight blue velvet fabrics. Both of these colours look stunning in both contemporary and traditional homes, especially when pared with neutral walls and floors.

Chesterfield sofa


It sounds like you prefer more minimal styles, so we think you’ll find something you like in our Urban collection. Our Chorlton and Bramhall sofas offer simple, stylish designs with comfy seats, providing sofas that look good with minimal fuss. Choose from a variety of fabrics, including our popular aquaclean velvet and new corduroy. There are plenty of subtle shades of grey, or bolder hues are also available. Our Chorlton model is also available as a corner sofa, if you’re on the hunt for something larger.


Chorlton Sofa


If you’re looking for a stylish sofa that doesn’t compromise on comfort, we’d recommend taking a look at our new Urban collection. The sleek silhouettes, streamlined legs and on-trend shapes of the Didsbury, Richmond and Dulwich sofas help to create stylish designs that will look amazing in modern homes. A wide range of colours and fabrics are available, including on-trend blush pink and deep terracotta shades alongside more neutral greys. There’s also a full range of sizes to choose from, whether you’re looking for an armchair, a three seater or even a large corner sofa.

Didsbury sofa


It sounds like one of our snuggle seats would suit you perfectly! Our Hugo, Betsy and Kew sofas are available as snugglers that are the perfect size for couples to get cosy on but also make the perfect seats to snuggle up on your own with a good book. They take up much less room in your home than our larger sofas without compromising on comfort or style. All these styles are available in a range of colours with both bright and neutral options, whether you’re looking for something that pops or a more classic design.

Kew sofa

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