How to Style the Arch Trend in your Home

How to Style the Arch Trend in your Home

We’ve had a love affair with arches for some time now. Trends in both interiors and architecture have embraced softer lines recently, with arch shapes seen both in the structure of buildings and, more recently, referenced in interior design. If you want to make a more permanent investment in this look, arch-shaped windows, doorways and in-built shelves all look incredibly contemporary and stylish – but what if you want to embrace the trend for all things arch-shaped without major renovations to your home?

Black velvet sofa

Luckily, the arch trend has now found it’s way to furniture, mirrors, lighting and accessories. It’s much simpler (not to mention more cost effective) to introduce a couple of new accessories to your home than it is to knock out a door-frame. A room divider or large piece of furniture like our Bardot arch-shaped cupboard allows you to embrace a more architectural take on the trend, making this aesthetically pleasing silhouette the focus of a room.

Arch cabinet

This trend works best if you mirror the shape of the arch – for example, placing an arch shaped mirror on a wall facing an arch shaped doorway, or referencing the arch shape of a piece of furniture by embracing soft curves elsewhere in the room. You could also get stuck into a DIY project such as creating an arch-shaped headboard in your bedroom or painting an arch shaped onto a wall. If you have an arch-shaped doorway, window or shelf in your home, draw attention to it by painting the inside of the arch a different colour to the walls.

Arch mirror

If you want to reference the trend in a more subtle way, an arched mirror or print are all simple and cost-effective ways to reference the trend without a bigger investment. Keep your eyes peeled, as we have an exciting range of arch-shaped accessories that will be launching alongside our new collection in September – this is a trend with longevity!

Black arch mirror

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