Two Ways to Dress your Christmas Table

Two Ways to Dress your Christmas Table

With just over six weeks to go until the big day, Christmas planning is well underway at Rose & Grey HQ. Obviously, we all love homeware, so topping the list of team discussions (alongside how we’re going to decorate our houses) are our plans for our Christmas tablescapes. Whether you’re hosting Christmas dinner or planning a gathering for friends in the lead-up, the festive season is the perfect opportunity to go all out with your table dressing. Read on to discover our two festive looks from our tableware shoot, as well as our top tips and tricks for creating a memorable Christmas table.

Christmas Table

The Joyful Table

Do you want to go OTT with colour and make a bold statement this Christmas? Our Joyful tablescape was designed to brighten up the darkness of winter with bright colours and fun detailing. Our top tip when styling a vibrant table like this is that there’s no such thing as too many decorations – there’s always room for more! This is also a great way to add hints of current trends to your home without making a large investment, such as the scalloped trim of our napkins, the bold stripes of our baubles or the use of colours that you might not want to permanently add to your décor.

Christmas table decor

Fill bowls with baubles

A fun way to make your Christmas table feel more playful is to bring colourful, mirrored, or patterned baubles off the tree onto the table. Fill your favourite bowls with baubles to add colour and interest to the centre of the table. You could also scatter a few of your favourite baubles around the table, wherever there is space. Or create a place setting for each guest using a bauble as a small party favour.

Mix and match your plates

Who says your crockery must match? If you’re feeling bold, set the table with a completely mismatching set, or if you want to try something more subtle, do as we did and use a set of colourful dinner plates with contrasting side plates. Our emerald dinner plates and Mallorca stoneware side plates make the perfect pairing.

Embrace colour

Don’t be shy of colour! If you’re aiming for a joyful statement dinner table, throw all the rules out of the window and mix different colours for a bold and beautiful tablescape. Our table has plenty of green and pink, but we’ve added multicoloured candles and baubles to really make this table sing.

Christmas cut outs



The Classic Table

Christmas decor classic

Classic doesn’t mean boring at Rose & Grey! For this year’s Classic Christmas tablescape we teamed up with local florists, The Flower Lounge to create a festive floral display on and around our dinner table. Sian and her team used roses, hydrangeas, snowberries, eucalyptus, olive branches and euphorbia to create a mantlepiece display, also laying foliage down the centre of the table and filling vases with beautiful blooms. If you’re making a floral arrangement part of your Christmas tablescape, we recommend sticking to a colour palette and choosing foliage to match your chosen tableware and decorations – we stuck to a pink, white and green palette for our table, focusing on our best-selling Pearl tableware.

Classic christmas

Place foliage down the centre of your table

The arrangement on and around the mantlepiece is the showpiece of this design, but we also placed foliage down the centre of the table and in vases to tie everything together. Eucalyptus works well as its leaves are flat, so it sits nicely upon the surface of the table without getting in the way of your guests. Rather than placing one large vase of flowers as a centrepiece (which blocks guest’s views across the table), use a collection of smaller vases that will give everyone something to look at, wherever they are placed.

Think beyond the table

We hung paper stars on velvet ribbons from the wall, but these would also look great hung from the ceiling above your table. An alternative to creating a floral arrangement for a mantlepiece would be to dress the mantlepiece with an array of Christmas decorations, such as hanging wreathes, draping garlands and using our paper trees to add some festive cheer.

Stick to a colour scheme

A more classic Christmas table works best if you stick to a colour scheme, choosing tableware, linens and decorations within a palette of 3-4 colours. We love pink and green for a subtle festive feel that worked well with our eucalyptus Christmas crackers – you could also use our striped olive green linens to play around with this palette. Alternatively, red and green is a classic festive combo, or glittering golds and silvers work well paired with softer colours for the festive season.

Christmas tablescape 

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