Our Top Tips for Decorating your Christmas Tree

Our Top Tips for Decorating your Christmas Tree

Whether you prefer a simple and stylish tree or allow your kids to decorate it, the Christmas tree is always the focal point of your home during December. Here at Rose & Grey, we all love visiting the Christmas tree farm and picking the perfect tree for our homes – and our showroom. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the festive decorating, we thought we’d share our simple tips for how to choose and dress your tree. Will you go for a multicoloured delight or choose a strict colour scheme? If you share a photo of your tree on Instagram, tag @roseandgreyinteriors as we’d love to see how you style yours!

Pick your tree

Do you prefer a real or a faux Christmas tree? Before you start decorating, you have to choose your perfect tree and the ‘real or faux’ debate is tricky to navigate. A real tree is the more sustainable option, especially if you choose a potted tree that can be planted after Christmas. Several farms now offer a service where they rent out trees that they replant each year. And, of course, nothing compares to the aroma of a real tree in your home. However, if you hate the thought of constantly hovering up pine needles or have curious pets, a fake tree could be the best option.

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Find the perfect place in your home

If you’ve opted for a real tree, you need to keep it away from radiators or open fires to preserve it for as long as possible. Place your tree in the room you spend the most time in to get the most enjoyment out of it, placing it in a corner or beside a window to avoid moving around too much furniture. Also think about the size of your room when you are choosing your tree, to make sure it will fit in your chosen spot.

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Choose a colour scheme

There are so many potential colour schemes for your Christmas tree that it can be hard to make a decision. Our top tip is to opt for a colour scheme that fits in with the rest of your room. If you like to decorate with loud, bright colours, an eclectic multi-coloured tree will look right at home. Or if you’re more of a minimalist and prefer Scandinavian styling, go simple with gold, white and natural decorations. For a more contemporary look, opt for one colour for all your decorations – camel and caramel tones feel very ‘now’.

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String your lights

Before you start hanging baubles, take your time to string fairy lights through the branches of your tree. We recommend choosing lights with green wire, to conceal the wire among the branches. Warm-toned lights are our favourite, but white, blue or multi-coloured lights could work with your chosen colour scheme. When stringing the lights, start from the top boughs, winding down the tree, stepping back occasionally to ensure even coverage.

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Balance your baubles

We like to organise our baubles before we start to hang them, grouping them together so we can see how many of each style we have. When hanging, balance out each style and colour of bauble throughout the branches to create a more coherent Christmas tree. Alternatively, we’ve seen lovely trees that use just one style of bauble all over the tree for a bold look.


Hang different styles of decorations

Don’t just hang baubles on your tree – get creative! Use velvet ribbon to tie small bows on branches, using bright colours for a more contemporary look. Balance or tie paper stars between branches to fill space and add interest. Create your own decorations with foraged finds, such as sprigs of holly or pine cones. We also love adding fun decorations such as our paper birds or furry llamas, especially if you have children.


Our top tips for decorating your Christmas tree

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