How to introduce a linen sofa to your home

How to introduce a linen sofa to your home

As we move towards brighter evenings and warmer days, it’s natural for our interior style to soften a little. The heavy fabrics and darker tones which have kept us in snug hibernation over winter begin to lose their appeal and, in their place, come lighter colours and more breathable materials. But how to make your interior updates stand the test of time?

By bringing a linen sofa into your home, you get all the joy of an easy breezy fabric which lends itself perfectly to the warmer months, while having a perfectly simple aesthetic to style up with throws, cushions and whatever your wintery self may please when it gets chilly again. If you’ve got your eye on a lovely new linen sofa or armchair for your home, read our top tips below on how to work it into your living space and care for it well.

Buxton sofa at Rose & Grey

Opt for neutral fabrics

Linen is a robust natural fabric (approximately 30 percent stronger than cotton) made from the fibres of the flax plant, which means it looks right at home in earthy, muted colours. It’s also a fabric that doesn’t take to dye particularly well, which is why many upholsterers prefer to play to the strengths of its natural off-white colours. Opting for classic shades of cream, grey or lighter tones of green and blue make for a versatile sofa fabric that lends itself well to moving trends.

Contrast with clean lines

Juxtapose the soft nature of a linen sofa with more structured lines in items such as coffee tables, accessories and artwork. This keeps a modern feel within the aesthetic of the room, allowing abstract lines and darker tones to pop against the cooler linen.

Sofa by rose and grey

Compliment with greenery

Accent the natural fibres of your new linen sofa with some pops of green, placing floor plants to one side of the sofa or adding some hanging plants from shelves above. Personally, we don’t believe there is such a thing as too many indoor plants, but even just one or two leafy additions bring oodles of calm to a lovely and serene living space.

Dress up with colour

The relaxed feel of a linen sofa is the perfect canvas for cosy touches, so bring your personal character into cushions and throws. For a minimal aesthetic experiment with layering contrasting dark and light cushions, or for a boho feel introduce rust oranges, browns and pinks. Additional textures such as sheepskins and layering up cotton throws can work all year round, and are particularly easy to layer up during the winter months.

Styled sofa from Rose & Grey

Don’t be tempted to rub stains

For most of us, longevity is key when it comes to our sofas – but so is enjoying a nice glass of red with our feet up. Should the worst happen, make sure you dab at spills and stains so as not to rub them deeper into the natural fibres of the linen.

Keep away from sunshine

It’s a good idea to place your linen sofa in a more shaded part of the room. Like many upholstery fabrics, constant exposure to the sun (while rare in good old England) can cause the fabric to become sun-damaged and fade. This is often less of a concern with lighter fabrics, but if you do wish to place your sofa in view of the sunshine then some curtains or blinds will do the trick to ease the amount of sun exposure.

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