Five Storage Furniture Ideas to Help Organise your Space

Five Storage Furniture Ideas to Help Organise your Space

Looking for a way to add more storage to your home? Even if you're struggling for built-in storage space, you can still store away all your bits & bobs and clutter by investing in smart and practical storage furniture. Here are five storage furniture ideas to give you a little inspiration for how you can easily create more storage solutions in your home.

Hide away clutter in a hallway cabinet

Hallways are often a place where clutter accumulates, where you drop things as soon as you enter the house and leave things to remind you to take them with you when you leave. If you have a cloakroom or large porch, you're lucky enough to have a dedicated space for storage in your entrance hall, but those of us who don't have the problem of accumulating mess. When visitors enter your home, you want the hallway to make a great first impression - not to be home to a huge pile of clutter. If you have space, put up hooks on the wall to hang coats and add a shoe rack against the wall. If you have even more space, add a cabinet with opaque doors for storing away all the other paraphernalia that accumulates in the hallway. You can create a stylish vignette on top - including a handy bowl for dropping keys into.

Choose a bedside table with hidden storage

Bedrooms are tricky rooms for storage if you don't have a built-in wardrobe. We like our bedrooms to be neat and tidy, with minimal clutter to aid a better night's sleep - but where can you place all the odds and ends that inevitably end up in this room? Our top tip would be to invest in a pair of bedside tables with concealed storage space - either dedicated bedside tables with drawers or if you have larger items to hide away (such as books, tech or anything else you like to keep beside the bed) choose a set of our Shorty lockers. These lockers have two shelves inside that you can move around or take out, and come in two options to open both left and right, for each side of the bed.

Use a dining room cabinet for crockery

If you struggle for space in your kitchen cupboards, why not remove your favourite crockery and place it inside a cabinet in the dining room? We love using a cabinet with glass doors for this purpose, to show off your tableware to your guests when you host dinner parties. Cabinets with glass fronts also feel less imposing in a room and help to create the illusion of a bigger space. If your dining room and kitchen are in the same room then you could place your most-used tableware inside a cabinet, as it will still be easy to access. However, if you have a formal dining room separate to your kitchen, we recommend storing your best ceramics and glassware that you don't use as often in here - not only will your poshest pieces look best out on display, but you can keep your kitchen cabinet space for the tableware you use everyday.

Place a cabinet in an alcove in your living room

Built-in shelving and cabinetry looks great in alcoves either side of your chimney breast, but does have its downsides. It's expensive, permanent and just isn't an option if you are renting or planning on moving house soon. To add more character and personality to a living room, at the same time as solving any storage problems, we like to place a cabinet in an alcove. You could place two cabinets either side of a chimney breast (try two matching pieces at differing heights, like our Osaka shelving unit and sideboard) or stick with storage on one side and a cosy armchair in the opposite nook. We particularly love shelving units for storage in the living room, as you can style up the shelves with your favourite books and accessories, but store away clutter in the cupboard spaces.

Create a pantry with kitchen storage

Dedicated pantries are all over magazines and social media, and we wish we had one but alas space is an issue. If you're lucky enough to have a dedicated storage space for fresh food and dried goods, we have to admit we're a little jealous, but there is a solution for anyone who is struggling with their kitchen cabinets becoming full. If you have room in your kitchen, try adding a piece of freestanding furniture to use as a make-shift pantry. Our Twinny double lockers are perfect for this, as the internal shelves can be moved around and they provide tons of storage for bags, bottles, jars and baskets.

Looking for more storage solutions around the home? Have a look at our storage furniture collection, and read our top tips for styling display cabinets.

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