Kitchen Design Top Tips - With Interior Designer Uns Hobbs

Kitchen Design Top Tips - With Interior Designer Uns Hobbs

Styling your kitchen is a great way to show your personality within your home. This post is written by Uns Hobbs and is the second in our series of guest articles by interior designers from around the country. If you want to bring colour to your kitchen, upgrade your lighting style or need ideas for a full kitchen renovation, this article has some great tips for you.

Uns Hobbs

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, a place that sees constant use. Investing in quality cabinets, materials, accessories, and appliances that stand the test of time is a wonderful idea. In today's dynamic world, we believe that the kitchen should adapt to our lifestyle—it's not just for cooking and eating. It should feel like a welcoming hub, a comfortable space where you love to gather. Introducing soft, diffused lighting and a cosy armchair can instantly enhance its warmth.

While functionality is key, a kitchen doesn't have to be bland. Mixing materials adds depth and character; embrace different hardware finishes, timbers, and stones to create a unique, layered look. Incorporating antique pieces like an old dresser can add a touch of charm and soften the modern feel. Opting for durable stone countertops ensures long-lasting beauty. Varying panel details for wall cabinetry and islands can break up the space and turn the island into a distinctive focal point. An integrated fridge adds a touch of sophistication, while using outdoor or hardwearing fabric on upholstery brings practical texture.

Creating multiple light sources adds a warm, cosy feel. We prefer using flush ceiling lights, wall lights, pendants, and table lamps rather than spotlights—this creates a more inviting atmosphere. Table lamps on worktops or islands are a great touch.

Why not try these charming lamps and pendants to add texture and mood lighting 

Don’t forget to add comfort and style with seating options like a sofa, armchairs, or bench seating. These provide a perfect spot to socialise and complement the kitchen island beautifully. We love the Betsy sofa in rust which is a strong colour that works in most schemes and kitchen colours.

Remember to infuse colour and playfulness wherever possible, even in the smallest details like vases, ceramics, and tea towels. We adore decorative pieces that add charm and character to a space.

We love 

Why not hang a decorative plate or collection in your kitchen? We do this a lot to add interest. We love the Autumn Fruits side plates as they are colourful and so much fun! Or the HK Living emerald green plates are super chic and would look glorious on a wall!

And finally, vintage art and ceramics can add so much personality and gives your space a timeless feel. We often spend hours sourcing vintage pieces for our clients. The investment always pays off as these small unique items offer so much personality and give a lot of joy. Curating the perfect shelf with vintage pieces and contemporary items are the final touches we love getting involved with. 

Don't hesitate to bring your kitchen to life with these touches of warmth, character, and style.

Thanks for reading.

Uns Hobbs

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