How to Add Personality to your Home

How to Add Personality to your Home

Decorating your home can seem simple. You pick a colour scheme, decide on your choice of flooring, then purchase a sofa - and ta-da! You could just leave it at that and be happy with a minimal aesthetic, but we don't feel like a room is complete until you've added personality.

Personality and clutter are not the same thing. The level of accessorising that you do is dependent on your own personal taste and could mean going completely OTT and adding accessories to every surface, or you could keep things more simple with just a couple of cushions and vases. If accessories aren't your thing, there are still ways to let your personality shine through and keep your house from looking too much like a showroom. Here are a few simple ways that you can add personality to your home.

Add accessories that suit you

Don't just buy the same accessories that you see in your friend's homes or copy an entire image that you've found on Instagram or Pinterest. Think about what you actually like; what colours, styles and objects are you actually attracted to? You're trying to showcase your personality, not replicate a room that you've seen elsewhere. If you're not into quirky accessories like our vases with faces, don't buy them. Instead, opt for an elegant glass vase filled with faux stems and sprays, or perhaps a cute cactus in a concrete pot.

Think about texture

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to accessorising your home, take a step back and look at the textures in your room. If everything is looking a little flat, think about what is missing and what textures would work well in your space. A room that looks cold and unwelcoming would benefit from soft, warm textures like sheepskin throws, velvet cushions and a thick-pile rug. A cosy space could perhaps be freshened up with a few plants dotted around, or a dull room could be given a new lease of life with a statement velvet armchair.

Add sentimental items

The best way to showcase your personality and to make your home more personable is by showcasing items that have sentimental value to you. Do you have any objects or ornaments handed down to you by elder family members? Do you own anything handmade? Did a friend buy you something special for a birthday? Perhaps fill a vase with wild flowers gathered on a walk with your partner, display shells found on the beach from your last holiday on your mantelpiece, or display a piece of gifted artwork in a frame on your wall.

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