The Story Behind our Snuggle Sofas

The Story Behind our Snuggle Sofas

Our Snuggle sofa collection is designed for feeling cosy and getting lost in the squishiness. These are classic sofas with timeless, traditional silhouettes that boast deep, comfy seats that are ideal for sinking down into at the end of a long, hard day at work. From Chesterfields to 70’s revival designs and simple shapes, there’s something for every home in our Snuggle collection.

We caught up with our supplier to chat about how and where the sofas are made, so we could give you a little bit more information about the collection.

Where are our Snuggle sofas made?

We’ve been making high-quality, traditional and contemporary upholstery in the Lancashire town of Preston (editor’s note – just an hour away from Rose & Grey’s Altrincham base!) since 1968. The factory relocated to its current, much larger site in 1975, where we still manufacture to this day, employing 200 team members. Everything is on site, from our wood mill to the design department and trade showroom. We take great pride in creating British handcrafted furniture by our dedicated workforce of skilled craftsmen.



Hugo chesterfield

What is the design process like?

Inspiration can strike at any moment, with the design team working together to collaborate on new sofa designs. Our shapes are inspired by 19th and 20th Century historical designs, creating new silhouettes using time-honoured techniques. When it comes to materials and finishes, we are inspired by more unique, luxurious fabrics.

What makes the sofas so comfy and snuggly?

Our sofas are made from a variety of materials that allows us to produce such comfy and snuggly designs. We use foams, fibres and feathers in various combinations to create the perfect seat for each sofa. Each range has its own unique building method that is suited to the design, using modern technology to create consistent comfort to the seats and backs. We use tufting methods that are unique to each collection, helping to make our Chesterfields extra comfortable.

Dog on penny sofa

Who makes the sofas?

All our sofas are handmade in Preston by our highly skilled team, including exceptionally skilled upholsterers and sewers with a great eye for detail. The team’s traditional hand crafting expertise helps us to create sofas with all the unique details that we’re known for. There is a great sense of togetherness about our team, as we employ people from the local area and members of families through the generations.

Can you talk us through how a sofa is made, start to finish?

All our sofas are made to order, allowing for customers to select the size, fabrics and legs they prefer. Our production begins in the wood mill, where we construct timber frames by hand with dowels. Next, suspension is added with fully coiled sprung seat units and the finest quality duck feather fillings, constructed to provide great comfort and support so the seat does not lie flat.

The cutting process is next up, with the use of high specification machines such as our LECTRA for CAD and CAM cutting, and CNC machines for engineered accuracy. The sofas are then upholstered from our range of mostly natural materials including wools, linens and cottons. Finally, we use time-honoured techniques to add intricate details such as hand studding and individually securing buttons with needle and twine.

Green velvet love seat

Where are the fabrics sourced from?

Our fabrics are sourced globally, but we always pride ourselves in selecting the best possible quality of fabrics for our collections. We mainly use European suppliers (including for our velvets and cottons), and where we can we support local fabric manufacturers.

How do you recommend caring for the cotton velvet fabric?

Our 100% natural cotton velvets are the most luxurious fabrics we offer and are great for colour intensity and lustre. They do require gentle care and attention to keep them looking at their best. We recommend using a velvet brush regularly to help the velvet pile remain plump and to prevent the fabric from flattening.

Red velvet sofa

How is the factory moving forwards in terms of sustainability?

We take the subject of sustainability seriously and have been moving forward on implementing  new schemes. In the past 12 months we have achieved zero to landfill by significantly reducing our landfill usage. Our current packaging contains recycled materials, and we are looking into more sustainable packing going forward. We are aiming to have a fully electric fleet of vehicles in the near future to further reduce our carbon footprint. We have also been developing a more eco-friendly collection that will not include foam and will only use natural materials.

Take a look at our Snuggle collection of made-to-order sofas, armchairs, love seats and footstools to update your home.

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