Five Ways to Create a Feature Wall

Five Ways to Create a Feature Wall

Creating a statement feature wall in a room is a great way to add interest or to try out an idea that may be overwhelming if applied to every wall.

It's important to choose the right wall to create your feature wall, bearing in mind the existing furniture and layout of your room. A chimney breast is the classic option, but if your room doesn't have one, it's often best to use the emptiest wall to ensure that your feature wall doesn't distract or clash with anything else. A long wall in a hallway or a small nook in the corner of a room can also work really well.

As for ideas and inspiration, we have outlined below our favourite five ways to create a feature wall in your home.


Create a cluster of frames on a statement wall to make a bold impact. Use a collection of similar frames in different sizes displayed in a uniform manner, or make a more eclectic display by opting for a fusion of different styles. Inside your frames, you could choose to curate your own art gallery featuring your favourite prints, or display your favourite memories with a selection of black and white family photographs.

We love the idea of creating a 'travel wall', documenting your past travels with a collection of holiday snaps, postcards, retro prints and framed objects such as boarding passes, photo booth strips or pressed flowers. Alternatively, you could display a collection of different sized and shaped mirrors all on one wall. These ideas work particularly well on a chimney breast, on a wall in your hallway, or along the stairs.


Whether you opt for a subtle shade, a dramatic dark hue or a bold bright tone, adding a colourful statement wall to your room is the simplest way to create a feature wall. Choose to paint any wall, but bear in mind the colour of your furniture and how it will look against the newly painted wall, as well as considering how the new colour will look with the natural light shining upon it.

We love the idea of adding interest and elegance to an all-white room by painting a chimney breast in a dramatic dark grey or navy shade, or painting the alcoves either side of the chimney breast in a shade that complements the rest of your decor. Alternatively, you could paint the bottom half of your wall a complementary colour and keep the top half white. Or for a children's room, try painting a small wall with blackboard paint and popping a pot of colourful chalk on a shelf to allow their imaginations to run wild.


If you love print or texture, try wallpapering a  feature wall rather than simply painting it. Opt for a wallpaper that you know you love and won't get bored of, even if this means straying away from bolder prints and opting for something more subtle. If you already have any printed fabrics in your room, check first that they will work well together. We really love the idea of stripping back your bedding to crisp white linen sheets and natural hued woollen blankets and creating a feature wall with a beautifully printed wallpaper behind the bed.

Wallpaper is also a great choice for adding interest to small nooks and corners that are perhaps otherwise neglected. If you like a more industrial look, emulate the appearance of bare brick or concrete walls with a wallpaper that conveys this effect. Always ensure that your walls are nice and smooth before papering


We love the idea of using a feature wall to create interesting storage in your home. Add interest to a utility room by placing wall displays or storage baskets on the wall above your washing machine, create a feature wall in your kitchen by fixing shelves on one wall and displaying all of your crockery and tableware, or if you like an industrial aesthetic, try using reclaimed pallets to create a fun and eclectic storage wall.

Shelves are often neglected, but are one of the simplest ways to create a feature wall. Choose an empty wall in your home (we especially love to place shelves in alcoves) and put up a series of shelves, paying attention to the type of shelf and how they are attached to the wall. Opt for classic white or wooden 'floating' shelves for a timeless look, or try using a statement wire shelf. Once your shelves are up, take a look at our shelfie styling tips for inspiration.


A fun way to add interest to an empty wall in a home office or teenagers bedroom is to add a memo board or collection of noticeboards that can be used to curate collections of inspiring imagery. We love the idea of using wire mesh noticeboards or pegboards rather than cork boards, as they look stylish and can be used to create mini artworks using colourful pegs and clips.

If you have a hectic household, you could add a frame around a rectangle of blackboard paint in the kitchen or utility room, providing a space where your family can leave messages and appointments without it looking too messy.

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