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Ten Rooms that Rock Dark Walls

We get a lot of comments on the dark wall in our showroom with many of our followers on social media asking us the colour of the paint used on the wall (it’s Farrow & Ball ‘Pitch Black’). For all of the compliments we receive on this wall and its use in our photo shoots, we also get lots of people declaring that they wouldn’t know how to style a colour this dark in their own home.

Dark black, navy or grey walls can seem intimidating and its a common misconception that painting your walls this dark will make the room seem smaller and colder. If used correctly, dark walls can actually have an incredibly positive effect. They can add life to otherwise drab spaces, reflect the light beautifully in south-facing rooms, and provide a dramatic canvas upon which to feature your furniture. Not convinced? We’ve shared ten inspirational rooms below that all style dark walls in completely different ways. Read on to be inspired and get your paint brush ready.

Bright bursts of colour look amazing against dark walls. Try keeping the rest of your room dark (including your sofa) and making an impact with one of two carefully placed vibrant accessories.

Dark walls

You don’t have to pair dark walls with bright hues, they also work well when styled with pared back neutrals. For our latest shoot, we placed our natural wood bench in front of the dark wall in our showroom and styled it up with other neutral tones. The key here is texture – the sheepskin, rope rug, rattan basket, bamboo mirror and macrame lampshade all add interest, standing out against the dark canvas. A hint of greenery completes the look.

Again, you don’t always have to team dark walls with bright colours. The room above demonstrates how beautiful soft pastels complement dark navy walls. The bold blue wall also keeps the abundance of pink from looking too feminine, providing the perfect touch of masculinity. If you’re unsure of pink, try putty, lilac or mint green bedsheets paired with a dramatic dark wall.

If you’re still feeling cautious, why not try painting the bottom half of your wall dark (also preventing unsightly dirty marks which are more common lower down walls) and keeping the top half white? The striking contrast creates a super stylish room, especially when the furniture and accessories are kept simple and streamlined. Just make sure you use high quality painters tape to get a clean line!

The ultimate accompaniment to a black wall has to be a metallic hint. Whether you opt for gold, silver, copper or rose gold, one of two metallic accessories can completely transform your room. We love the addition of the statement gold lamp in the room above – one of our metal side tables would achieve the same effect.

Jewel tones are perhaps the first thing you think of to pair with black walls, but for good reason. Vibrantly hued cocktail chairs look super stylish against a dark background, creating the perfect aesthetic for a cocktail corner in your home. Try pairing one of our 366 chairs (in chili pepper, mustard, sky blue or blush pink) against a dark wall for a dramatic take on the Mid-Century furniture trend.

Don’t think dark walls could possibly work in a bathroom? Just look at the image above and you’ll immediately re-think! A dark navy or grey paint can instantly add interest to an otherwise dull white bathroom, especially if you tie the colour in with interesting floor tiles and a couple of subtle dark touches such as our black framed industrial mirror with shelf.

We love the dramatic look achieved by pairing dark colours with a dark wall, demonstrated in the image above. The green velvet chair stands out immediately (try one of our stand-out Chesterfield sofas for a similar look) but you don’t fully appreciate the mirror, lampshade and flowers until you take a second glance. Details like this encourage your guests to look twice and really study the attention to detail in a room.

If you need a big splash of colour to brighten up black walls, try sourcing a large vibrant painting for the wall, such as in the room shown above. You can then pick out the colours from the painting in your choices of furniture and accessories. For example, our chili pepper 366 Easy Chair perfectly picks up on the red tones in this canvas print.

Our final suggestion is to embrace Pantone’s colour of the year and get to grips with greenery. Whether this means opting for a statement green sofa or simply filling your room with faux plants, green is the perfect pairing for dark walls.

Images all via our DARK WALLS Pinterest board 

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