In Conversation with … Emma Lavelle / Stylist for Rose & Grey

June 29, 2020
In Conversation with … Emma Lavelle / Stylist for Rose & Grey

We get lots of queries asking our styling advice, so we thought we’d catch up with our in-house stylist, Emma to ask her to share the secrets of the trade. Emma styles our photo shoots, adding the Rose & Grey touch to all of our images, as well as dressing our sofa showroom. We asked her a few questions


How would you describe Rose & Grey’s current look?

The current Rose & Grey aesthetic fuses contemporary elements with a boho-inspired look to present a collection inspired by homes in Australia and America. We like to soften more industrial pieces with pale colours painted on the wall and soft textures such as rattan and pampas grasses. A touch of brass and simple, minimal silhouettes keep everything looking elegant.


How can people achieve this look in their own homes? 

Play around with texture, adding soft textures such as a vase of dried grasses, a raffia lamp or a rattan cabinet. You don’t need to completely redo a room, just a few well chosen accessories can transform the look of a space. If you want to further invest in this aesthetic, I’d recommend painting your walls with lime-wash paint (we use Bauwerk) and introducing a colourful sofa to brighten things up.


In Conversation with … Emma Lavelle / Stylist for Rose & Grey


Where do you look for inspiration?

I love looking through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, particularly paying attention to homes on the other side of the world. I love Instagram accounts like @homestylemag and @sarahshermansamuel  for picking up on emerging trends.


How will you be styling pieces from the new Rose & Grey collection in your own home?

I’d like to introduce the Bardot Alcove Cabinet into my dining room as the perfect drinks cabinet that will also have space to store my favourite glassware and cookbooks. I’ll style it the Rose & Grey way by creating a vignette on top of the cabinet using a vase with dried grasses and our round Object D’Art. I’ll add  the Ferm Living Vuelta lamp to showcase that all important arch silhouette.


In Conversation with … Emma Lavelle / Stylist for Rose & Grey


Do you prefer a maximalist or minimalist look when styling?

I like to think we’re somewhere in the middle! We definitely aren’t minimalist, but we keep things simple and don’t add too much clutter. I like to abide by Coco Chanel’s famous rule – she used to check her reflection before leaving the house and remove one unnecessary accessory. I step back from styling our images and see if there’s anything that looks ‘too much’ that can be taken away.


What is an easy way to update the look of a room?

If you don’t want to spend much money, shop your own home and move things around to create a fresh new look. Large furniture is tricky to move around, so concentrate on updating things like shelfies, vignettes on coffee tables or soft furnishings like cushions and throws.


In Conversation with … Emma Lavelle / Stylist for Rose & Grey


Could you share your top three tips for styling the perfect shelfie? 

  1. Always style in odd numbers. There’s just something more pleasing on the eye when grouping items together in odd numbers – whether that’s stems in a vase or objects on a shelf.
  2. Mix and match heights. If everything is the same height, your shelfie will look a little bit flat. Add something small and fill a vase with dried grasses to add height.
  3. Play around with colour. There are no rules when it comes to colour – play around with what works for your room. I like styling items together that are all in the same palette but with different textures, or picking out the highlight colours from the rest of your room.


In Conversation with … Emma Lavelle / Stylist for Rose & Grey


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