How to Create a Happy Joyful Home

How to Create a Happy Joyful Home

What makes a home feel happy?

For us, it’s as much about the interior styling and choice of homeware as it is the overall ambiance. If you fill your home with personality through bold colours, interesting art, shelves filled with books and trinkets, and plenty of plants, you create a cosy, lived-in aesthetic that radiates joyfulness.

Here at Rose & Grey, we curate collections that focus on bringing joy into your homes through sofas, furniture and accessories that are bright, colourful and fun. A vibrantly hued velvet sofa, cheerful storage locker, statement side table or bold accessory can instantly make a space feel happier.

If you’re hoping to make your own home feel happy with a few simple updates, here are our suggestions for creating a happy, joyful home.

Introduce a statement sofa

A simple yet effective way to add a spark of joy to your home is with the addition of a statement sofa or armchair. It’s easy to make an impact with a large piece of furniture, especially if you opt for a bold colour that will stand out in your room. A brightly hued sofa (our favourite colours are mustard, pink, green or rust) will put a smile on your face as soon as you walk through the door. Of course, a new sofa is an investment piece and should stand the test of time. Browse our Snuggle collection for timeless silhouettes and our Urban collection for a more contemporary shape, choosing a bold colour that fits with the rest of your decor and that you won’t get bored of.

Add a lick of colourful paint

The obvious way to spark joy in your home is to paint your walls in bold and colourful shades. Consider your favourite colours, but also look into colour theory when choosing your paint – for example, yellow and green hues are both known for evoking feelings of happiness. Also, be clever about where you paint. A full room painted in one colour, including the woodwork can look striking but you don’t have to make such a bold statement. If you have wooden window frames, try painting these a bright colour to frame the view, or play around with painting a door and door frame a contrasting colour to the walls inside a room. You could also paint a feature wall, inside a bay window or above/below a dado rail, rather than painting an entire room.

Mix old and new finds

Create a home filled with personality by curating a collection of both old and new finds, mixing items found in antique shops and flea markets with contemporary pieces. Don’t just buy an entire look you’ve seen in a catalogue or online – play around with furniture and statement accessories that you love, styling them with treasured items to create a space that is unique to you and showcases your likes and interests. Your home should tell a story, and if you fill your space with things that make you happy, your story will be a joyful one.

Design a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a simple way to display a collection of items that you enjoy in one space. Collect prints, paintings and wall hangings together with framed items that have meaning, such as ticket stubs, menus or sketches. If your gallery wall is filled with art that evokes memories and emotions, this will become an area of your home that sparks happiness.

Curate an eye-catching shelfie

Shelves are a great way to curate a collection of your favourite objects in one space, and what better way to evoke happiness than through displaying meaningful items together. Shop your own home to gather items for your shelfie, looking for objects that were gifts from loved ones, anything with a poignant story behind it, and the things that you love the most. Vases, books, art, pots, candle holders, plants and bowls all lend themselves well to a styled shelf. If you don't have shelves to style, curate your favourite accessories on a sideboard or even a side table.

Invest in stand-out carpentry

Bespoke joinery for a wardrobe or display shelf can be a great way of bringing happiness into your home. Kate Spiers’s sage green, arch-shaped bookshelves are a great example of this – you can’t help but smile when you see photos of them. Ask your carpenter to create a unique design that combines interesting shapes and bold colours, to create a piece of built-in furniture that will bring you joy every day.  

Browse our latest arrivals to find bold and bright statement furniture and accessories, perfect for creating a happy vibe in your home.

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