How to Style Dark Walls in Your Home

How to Style Dark Walls in Your Home

The current trend for dark walls in your home may look like something that you’ll happily pin but shy away from trying yourself. It’s easier than you think to recreate this look in your own home, and the results don’t have to be quite as dramatic as the dark and brooding rooms you’re admiring from afar. We’ve pulled together some simple tips and stylish inspiration for trying the trend yourself.

Choose the colour that’s right for you

You might love the look of jet black walls, but realistically this is going to be incredibly hard to pull off in your own home, especially if you have a small room or limited natural light. You don’t want to end up feeling like you’re living in a cave. Why not try a mid-grey hue to darken your walls somewhat less dramatically, or opt for a bold blue or green shade that will brighten up your room? 

Betsy Sofa

Don’t paint the entire room

If you’re used to white walls and are experimenting with dark hues for the first time, don’t be tempted to paint your whole room! The room will appear to shrink before your eyes, and will seem full of shadows. Try painting a feature wall in your chosen hue, such as a chimney breast or an alcove, leaving your skirting boards and coving white to frame the wall. Consider the colour of the fireplace if opting for a chimney breast – a white or marble mantle will contrast beautifully with dark walls.

Accessorise with warm metallics

Warm and bright copper, gold and brass tones work beautifully against black, grey and darkly hued walls. Consider the picture frames, hardware, vases, candle holders and lighting within your room and make it pop.

Consider your furniture

You might not want to have to buy new furniture to work with your new wall colour, so consider how the room will look as a whole before taking the plunge. If your sofas are dark, ensure that the wall you are painting is on the other side of the room to where they sit. If you currently feel like everything is a little too bright and light, go for it!

Red chair against dark walls

Cover up blemishes

White walls may look slick and minimal, but they are also the perfect canvas for showing off any imperfections in the plaster or cracks in the wall, and for children to leave dirty hand prints. Dark paint is the perfect alternative if you want to cover up a multitude of sins, or if you’re sick of constantly cleaning the walls.

Add character

If your room is a simple low-ceiling box, dark walls can help to add personality and character, creating more of a personality for the room. Similarly, unloved and seldom used rooms such as a downstairs bathroom, a spare room or a utility room can benefit from a dramatic coat of paint.

Create a cosy ambience

If a room feels too large and exposed, painting a wall dark can help to make things feel warmer and cosier. Likewise, painting a nook or alcove in a dark colour can create a nice little reading corner where you could place a comfy armchair, a couple of bookshelves and a stylish reading light.

Wall hanging

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is of up-most importance when considering painting your walls in a dark colour. Rooms with large amounts of natural light tend to suit dark walls the best, but even if you have small windows, you can still create a well-lit room by ensuring that table lamps and candles are evenly placed around the space, especially close to the painted wall. Equally, a large industrial mirror placed opposite a white wall will help the light to bounce around the room.

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