Easy Spring Updates for Your Home

April 4, 2022

Spring has sprung – even if we’ve since had a bit of a return of winter weather. Blossom is everywhere, daffodils and tulips are unfurling into bloom and leaves are slowly appearing back on the trees. The warmer weather may not be here just yet, but the start of the season is the perfect time to give your home a little TLC. It’s time to pack away those heavy winter fabrics, add a lick of paint to your walls and embrace spring décor. Here are our suggestions for easy spring updates to make to your home this month, especially with the Easter holidays providing the perfect opportunity for a little DIY!

Paint your walls a bright colour

Whether you prefer green, yellow or blue, bright colours are perfect for making your home feel fresh and light for spring. We’ve given our showroom a lick of paint with Little Greene’s ‘sage green’, instantly making the space feel bright and airy while providing the perfect backdrop for both wooden and black furniture. Other spring decorating ideas are to embrace that happy, joyful feeling with a bright yellow or ochre, or to encapsulate cloudless skies with pale blue walls.

Easy Spring Updates for Your Home | Rose & Grey

Introduce frills and scallops

Liven up your spring décor by adding silhouettes that resemble the natural world into your home. We love our new frilly plant pots that bring the shape of flower petals into your home, while scalloped vases and armchairs add a pretty flourish to your interiors. You can also add these elements to your home with a clever use of upholstery, carpentry, or paint. Be inspired by 2LG Studio to paint colourful scallops around a doorframe, commission a joiner to create a bespoke wardrobe or cabinet featuring scalloped trim or try upholstering your own velvet scalloped headboard for a statement flourish in your bedroom.  

Easy Spring Updates for Your Home | Rose & Grey

Create an outdoor dining area

It may not be warm enough to dine al fresco just yet, but you want to plan ahead with your garden to ensure you can make the most of it when the good weather arrives. Garden furniture is tricky to get right but can completely transform your outdoor space. We recommend thinking in zones when planning your garden, with separate areas for dining and relaxing. If you can only prioritise one large piece of furniture, or have a small space, our five-piece dining set is perfect for spending long evenings outdoors in comfort.

Easy Spring Updates for Your Home | Rose & Grey

Rearrange your shelves

Want to make a quick spring update without spending much money? Give your shelves a new lease of life by removing everything and restyling them. Shop your home by moving items into a different room or invest in a couple of vases or prints for an instant update. Even something as simple as reorganising your books or adding a few bright bursts of colour to your shelfie can give your room a completely different look. Introduce vases of fresh flowers or highlight books with spring-looking covers by facing them outwards for a seasonal touch.

Easy Spring Updates for Your Home | Rose & Grey

Bring fresh flowers into your home

The simplest way to introduce spring decorations into your home is with the addition of fresh flowers. Whether you treat yourself to a statement bouquet or gather your own cut flowers from your garden, make sure you have the perfect vase to display them in. Cut their stems on an angle to provide more surface area for them to soak up water, prolonging the time they’ll spend decorating your home.

Easy Spring Updates for Your Home | Rose & Grey

Update your textiles

If your home is still feeling wintery, update your textiles to give each room a fresh new look. Swap out heavy velvet curtains for light linen, change your duvet covers to seasonal colours or prints, and update the cushions and throws on your sofas. Banish heavy and thick fabrics like velvet and wool until autumn, swapping out for light materials such as cotton and linen. Pay attention to colours too, choosing soft shades or pale neutrals for the warmer months.   

Easy Spring Updates for Your Home | Rose & Grey

Are you tempted to make any simple changes to your home to welcome in the good weather? Take a peek at our latest arrivals for spring-inspired furniture and accessories to add a pop of colour or stylish update to your home.

Easy Spring Updates for Your Home | Rose & Grey

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