Trending: 2024 Colour Predictions

Trending: 2024 Colour Predictions

As the new year approaches, it’s the perfect time to make way for new trends and fresh styles in your home. So, we have been talking to our friends at Mustard Made to share our thoughts on upcoming colour and design trends so you can stay ahead of the curve in 2024.

Colour is still at the heart of interior design in 2024, but with a more muted take on bold colours that reference a nostalgic return to retro. Cool grey neutrals have been replaced with a warm, earthy palette, embracing tomato reds, butter yellows and peachy pinks. Cold minimalism is out and rich, warm tones are in!


We can’t talk about 2024 colour trends without mentioning brown. Brown interiors have been gathering momentum since pre-pandemic times, and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon. From tanned leather sofas to cosy chocolate throws, incorporating brown tones into your space has never been easier.

Brown interiors

Our top tip is to let the natural materials and textures do the talking, whether that’s your warm-toned leather sofa or stylish wooden side table, let the beauty of the materials shine through. The marriage of textures and colours not only embrace the 2024 trend but elevates your space to a new level of style.


Rusty tones are very quickly making their way back into homes. The colour effortlessly injects warmth and style into the space, always adding a cosy and welcoming touch to the room. Rust is making such a resurgence because its warm, earthy tone perfectly aligns with the recent move away from white minimalistic interiors, and secondly it leans into the rising vintage, retro aesthetic trend.

Rust toned interiors

Tomato Red

Unofficially declared the colour of the year, tomato red is at the forefront of every interior designer’s mind right now. Red, in all its diverse shades, ranging from bold crimson to deep burgundy, adds a dynamic and passionate touch to any home. It’s a colour that infuses the room with an undeniable energy and a sense of drama.

Red interiors

Red is a strong colour, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to paint your walls in bright tomato shade, but we have the perfect alternative. Incorporating an accent of red is just as effective for achieving that retro aesthetic. Mustard Made’s Poppy Collection is full of old school storage lockers in the most beautiful, on-trend shade of red. Bright, bold and perfect for making a statement.


In our opinion, peach tones have been underrated for too long. We are so happy to see stylists incorporating this colour into their projects and adding a gorgeous pop of warmth into people’s homes.

Peach interior

Butter Yellow

Recently we have seen designers shift from cooler tones to warmer, more muted shades-  and yellow is no exception. Buttery variations of yellow are swiftly making their way into homes, infusing joy and a feeling of cosiness into any environment, effortlessly harmonising with other colours.

Butter yellow

There are plenty of fun ways to incorporate the butter yellow trend into your home in 2024. From cute accessories to statement mirrors, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this lovely, wholesome, buttery shade. We love to pair our yellow accessories with complimentary, statement blue furniture.

Ocean Blue

Blue tones have been at the centre of interior designers’ hearts for decades, and that is not about to change in 2024. Nonetheless, you will be seeing a shift to more soft, pale, ocean blue colours that reference early 2000’s nostalgia. Think fresh, calming hues and light pops of colour.

Blue homeware

Blue is a statement colour that we love to have fun with. From unique and colourful side tables to bold, colourful furniture, we recommend getting creative with this shade and pairing with contrasting colours such as warming peachy shades for a beautiful, contemporary-style space.

Sage Green

Sage green interiors are predicted to skyrocket in 2024. This trend strikes the perfect balance between traditional interior style and emerging contemporary design. Perfect for creating a sense of calm and tranquillity in your home.

Sage green furniture

We think sage green could possibly be our favourite colour when it comes to styling homes. Its soft muted tone is perfect for adding a splash of colour to your space that will never fall out of style. We are confident sage green is here to stay long beyond 2024, so we recommend investing in some high quality furniture that you can love for years to come. Mustard Made’s Sage Green Collection is full of beautiful styles that feel both modern and timeless.

After a year of Barbie pinks and bright, bold colours, we’re looking forward to 2024’s evolution to a more rich, earthy palette. From buttery yellows to peachy pinks, we’re ready to warm things up!

We are super excited to see these trends unfold, and we especially can’t wait to see your take on the resurgence of retro colours. Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures and check out our Instagram for more interior design & inspiration tips. Head over to the Mustard Made blog to discover our design predictions for 2024.

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