Pink & green mustard made locker

Five New Colour Combinations for your Home

Colour is one of the most important factors when decorating your home. It’s easy to just paint everything white and add in furniture & accessories that catch your eye, but you can completely transform a space if you pay attention to the colours that you use. By choosing a specific colour scheme for a room, you can manipulate the ambiance of the space. As a rule, warm colours will help a room feel more cosy and cool colours can make a small space feel larger, but what happens when you juxtapose two colours? Below, we’ve shared five colour combinations that we’re loving at the moment – with tips for how to get the look in your own home.

Grey & Blush Pink

We are currently being inundated with people asking the paint we used for the backdrop in our latest photo shoots! It seems that everyone is just as smitten with blush pink as we are – Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink in particular. We especially love how this shade of pink looks when styled with light grey, as seen in the photo of our Sylvia side table below. Try painting one wall pink and placing a grey velvet sofa in front of it, or adding several blush pink accessories to a grey room. If this colour combination is a bit too ‘pretty’ for you, add several statement plants or more design-led pieces of furniture – such as a pink velvet 366 chair.

Ombre table

Blush Pink & Mustard

If you’re looking for a bright and bold colour combination that will wow in photos and stop house guests in their tracks, try out mustard & blush pink. Mix & match our new storage lockers for a simple way to add these colours into an otherwise neutral room, perhaps with a few matching accessories. Alternatively, you could go all out and introduce a mustard velvet sofa and blush pink armchair, with matching cushions and artwork, as seen in the home of @enter_my_attic

Colourful lockers at Rose & Grey

Terracotta & Grey

Not into pink? Don’t worry – you can still introduce warm colour into your home. Shades of rust, terracotta and paprika are all on-trend at the moment, and they all work beautifully when paired with a soft, light grey like Farrow & Ball’s Dimpse. A singular terracotta item, such as this velvet mattress can instantly add interest to a room that is otherwise decorated in shades of grey. Imagine one of these mattresses placed on a window seat with a couple of matching cushions placed on a grey sofa and a complementary print on the wall.

Velvet matress

Mustard & Midnight Blue

If you’re looking for a more masculine colour combination that uses bright bursts of colour, we love the look of a deep midnight blue paired with bold pops of mustard. One of the rooms in our showroom features a navy blue Hugo sofa styled with a mustard velvet armchair and a grey velvet sofa. These colours perfectly complement each other, and when you throw in matching cushions, a fun lampshade and prints that pick out the two colours, your room effortlessly comes together.

Blue Velvet sofa

Blush Pink & Green

The colour combination that we love so much, we created a Pinterest board dedicated to it! Whether it’s an abundance of plants styled against a pink wall or a pink velvet sofa paired with a green footstool, we’ve been advocates of this colour scheme for some time now. If you’d like to try this one out in your home, try pairing a forest green velvet sofa with Sulking Room Pink walls, or introduce our deco-print 366 chair into a blush pink room. You could also easily add a collection of plants to a room with a pink colour palette.

Pink & Green Mustard Locker

Five new colour combinations for your home

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