How to Create the Perfect Airbnb Rental Apartment

How to Create the Perfect Airbnb Rental Apartment

Do you own an Airbnb property, or are you thinking of renting out your spare room? Airbnb can be a great way to take advantage of an extra room in your home while earning a bit of money on the side. But how do you make your space stand out from all of the others? And how do you create the perfect Airbnb rental that everyone will want to stay in?

Identify your audience

Don't just create a generic space - think about your target market. If your rental is in a city, consider creating a desk space for people coming into town on business. If it's best suited for a family, provide toys and books for children. If you live by the beach, provide beach towels and floats. You're more likely to attract your target guests if you cater specifically for them.

Make sure you have enough seats

You should ensure that you have the correct amount of seating for the number of guests that you plan on accommodating. If you have a sofa bed that could sleep an extra two guests, make sure there is enough room around the dining table for the extra seats. It's also advised to have comfortable chairs that can seat everyone - whether that's a couple of sofas or a pair of cosy armchairs. Some people will be looking for a place where they can relax in the evening, rather than simply using the rental as a base to sleep in.

Choose neutral colours

You can't go wrong with white walls. Bold contemporary wallpaper or bright colours on the walls could be off-putting for guests who prefer a more neutral space. White interiors also have a calming effect, which will help your guests to feel relaxed. If you want to add colour, opt for simple textiles and accessories that you can easily move around.

Don't forget storage

Guests like to unpack, yet many Airbnb rentals don't offer storage space for them to hang up their clothes and put out their belongings. If you don't have space for large furniture, opt for an open wardrobe or a minimal clothes rail that doesn't take up much room. It's also a nice idea to place a small side table either side of the bed.

Think about the smell

Make a great first impression by ensuring that your apartment smells fresh when your guests walk through the door. Diffusers are great for this, as they constantly release scent and you don't have to worry about your guests leaving a candle unattended.

Make sure there's a mirror

Remember to include at least one mirror in the property, preferably one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. Place the mirror close to a plug socket with a hair dryer available for guests to use. It's the little details like this that will help to make your guest's stay more convenient. Try to think of it as creating a home away from home for them.

Add personal touches

Little quirky little details make all the difference between an Airbnb rental and a hotel. Your guests are likely choosing to stay with you as they prefer a personal touch, so give it to them. Frame prints to hang on the walls, have plenty of blankets and cushions available in the living room and add accessories in every room. A nice idea could be to hang a letter or memo board or paint a wall with blackboard paint, so you and your guests can leave fun messages for each other.

Provide the little details that make a big difference

Think about what you would like to have available if you were staying in an Airbnb yourself. Providing items such as toiletries, a hair dryer and washing powder help to make your guest's stay more convenient. If you want to go the extra mile and receive amazing reviews, provide a selection of small luxuries such as a bottle of wine, box of chocolates or a supply of different tea for your guests.

Fill your home with flowers

Flowers instantly add colour and a personal touch to your rental property. If you don't have time to buy new flowers for each guest, why not create a couple of faux bouquets that you can display in the living room and bedroom? You won't have to worry about them wilting, but they will help to make your guests feel at home.

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