The Interior Trends You Need to Know for 2020

The Interior Trends You Need to Know for 2020

Interior trends are a funny thing – nobody expects you to completely redecorate your home every year to abide to the current trends, but it’s possibly to hint towards them with small changes such as a new lamp or a lick of paint. It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to introduce every single emerging trend into your home. Choose the trends that you genuinely like, and focus on those that have longevity over fleeting fads. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite trends for the year ahead, with notes on how you can introduce these looks into your home.

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If you’re active on Instagram and Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed that arches are everywhere in interiors and architecture at the moment. Not everyone can add a statement arch-shaped doorway or window to their home, but there are small touches that you can add to reference this trend. Add interest to a room by choosing a mirror, a piece of furniture or an accessory that features a distinctive arch shape. Keep your eyes peeled for arch-shaped furniture and accessories coming to our website soon.

Lighting and accessories in beige


We’ve been having a love affair with Bauwerk paint for the past six months, using their lime-wash paint in our photo shoots and in our showroom. A lime-wash paint has a softer, more subtle effect than traditional paint, adding texture and interest to your walls. We especially love using natural colours that replicate the look of raw plaster. It’s also good to know that this is a natural, water-based alternative to paint that uses no nasty chemicals! If you’re feeling unsure, start off by lime-washing one feature wall in your home to see if you like the effect.

Scallop chair


Scalloping on furniture and home accessories doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. This trend is building momentum, appearing across everything from wall stencils to mermaid bathroom tiles. We love how a shell-shaped accessory or scalloping detail on a velvet chair can add interest to your home. Soft silhouettes are appearing across multiple interior trends, showing that we’re looking for calmer, more relaxing aesthetics in our homes. To introduce this trend into your home, take a look at our scalloped tableware collection, perfect for adding a subtle hint to your home.

Two scalloped chairs


We love warm shades of brick, ochre, terracotta, mustard and blush pink for adding warmth to your home this year. Bold sunset hues work well as a splash of colour against an otherwise neutral room, or be bold and mix-and-match colours for a more statement look. If you’re looking to go bold, why not add a rust coloured sofa to your living room?

Boucle chair


Beige and nude tones have replaced grey as the essential neutral colour for your home this year. We love how these hues look layered up in different shades and tones, making a room feel softer and warmer than grey or white. This colour palette works for every interior scheme – you can add a splash of colour or embrace a contemporary minimal aesthetic.

On trend light


Soft, feminine silhouettes are everywhere this year, from sofas to lamps. We love how curves lines on furniture and accessories reference organic materials, adding a more natural feel to your home. Juxtapose with Mid-Century furniture for a pleasing combination of curved and straight lines.

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