Five Interior Trends for your Home in 2022

Five Interior Trends for your Home in 2022

Here at Rose & Grey we aren’t tied to trends; we prefer to focus on filling your home with pieces that you’ll love for years to come. But as the new year begins and magazines are full of trend edits, we know all the information you’re bombarded with can get overwhelming. When we do talk about trends, we like to focus on those that we know have longevity – like our love for velvet sofas which has been going strong for many years now. Here are five trends that you can safely invest in, knowing that they are more than just fleeting fads.


Soft, feminine curves have been seen in interiors for a couple of years now, but the trend for arches, twists and meandering lines is still going strong for 2022. Curved sofas such as our Lily will be big news this year, tapping into the trend in a subtle way while also remaining a classic style. Gentle curves suit any style of home, whether they are built into the architecture with arch-shaped doorways or introduced through carefully chosen pieces of furniture and clever paintwork. Our obsession with arches also shows no sign of fading, making arch-shaped mirrors, furniture and accessories good investment pieces.


A recent focus on making our homes more sustainable has led to the trend for all things nature-inspired in interiors. Not only does this include biophilic design and introducing more plants into your home, but this trend also picks up on the colours, textures and materials that we use. To embrace this trend, stick to a natural colour palette with highlights of green and terracotta throughout your home. If you’re hoping to introduce a new sofa into your living room this year, green or rust would be a good option to keep things looking natural. Opt for natural materials such as wooden furniture, jute rugs and stoneware accessories, staying clear of plastic to create a softer aesthetic.


We have many favourite colours when it comes to interiors, but we always like to pay attention when Dulux announce their colour of the year. 2022’s colour choice of ‘bright skies’ (an airy and fresh baby blue) seems serendipitous when we’re currently admiring tastemaker Lucy Williams’s sky-blue snug and kitchen. Our Snuggle sofas are available in a soft French blue and our stylish lockers in a bold ocean blue if you’re hoping to embrace spring early with a crisp new colour palette. You don’t have to paint your walls or completely change the colours in your home to reference this trend; a few carefully chosen accessories or a bold piece of furniture can instantly refresh your room.


Retro interiors influences regularly go in and out of style but are easy to integrate into your home. The trend for vintage furniture is once again prevalent but this doesn’t mean you have to fill your home with flea market finds. It’s all about balance: offset contemporary homeware with a couple of antique pieces that complement your décor, such as styling one of our 366 chairs beside a Mid-Century sideboard. The current trend for all things retro isn’t solely focused on vintage find though – you can get the retro look by investing in pieces with Seventies or Eighties influences such as velvet and boucle armchairs, coloured glassware and metallic finishes.

Statement Lighting

Lighting trends for the year ahead will see lighting being a focal point of a room, rather than an afterthought. In particular, bold sculptural pendant lights and statement floor lamps are set to take pride of place in reception rooms and bedrooms. This trend is all about seeing lighting as a showpiece of your room, including during the day and when the light is switched off. Opt for bold statement designs that capture attention, seeing out organic and curved shapes to also tap into the trends for all things natural and curved.

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