Uni Room Inspiration: 5 Tips For Decorating Your University Halls

Uni Room Inspiration: 5 Tips For Decorating Your University Halls

You’re finally going to Uni and the big moving day is right around the corner. Leaving home for the first time can be just as terrifying as it is exciting, but we’re here to share some guidance on how to make your new university halls look just like your Pinterest board.

1. Create the Illusion of Extra Space

It’s no secret that most university halls in the UK are nothing short of a box room. It’s quite likely that you will be strapped for space with minimal lighting and plain walls. Do not let this worry you, we have the perfect solution for creating the illusion of extra space whilst brightening up the room at the same time. The simple answer is to hang a mirror on your walls, this will create depth in your room whilst allowing light to bounce off and reflect to other corners of the room.
Round Pink Wavy Mirror
Our Round Pink Wavy Mirror is perfect for the job. It’s bright, cheerful and will add a splash of colour to those plain and boring walls.

2. Keep Organised & Tidy With Storage

Smaller rooms tend to get messy very quickly. Although staying tidy and organised is probably not at the top of your mind right now, trust us when we say extra storage space will be a lifesaver.
Shorty in right hand opening shade berry
Our Mustard Made collection is the perfect solution for incorporating extra storage space into your halls. With a range of sizes and colours to choose from, you can really bring your apartment décor to life with some old school style and a splash of colour.

3. Cover Ugly Uni Furniture

The chances are, your Uni accommodation will come with an old and dated sofa that doesn’t quite fit with your Pinterest aesthetic. The best solution is to find a good quality throw that can disguise old stains and tears.
Pink tufted throw
Cushions and throws are the perfect way to inject some interior style into your new home. Remember, this is your new sanctuary for you to make your own, so go wild with different colours and textures and see what style works best for you.
Amuse la bouche pink cushion

4. Bring a Piece of Home With You

Moving away from home can be a big shock to the system, and that is absolutely normal. We recommend bringing a piece of home with you by hanging pictures of your friends and family around your new room. It’s always nice to have a reminder that your loved ones are never too far away.
Wavy picture frame
In a range of colours and sizes, our classic wavy photo frames are perfect for creating a space full of memories to cure the homesickness blues.

5. Make it Your Own

You are finally going to have a space that is completely yours, so remember to make it your own and with full creative freedom, we recommend choosing home accessories that truly represent your interior style.
Glass bubble vase
Whether that’s with wall art prints, trinket dishes or faux plants, it’s important to remember this is your space to make your own.
Set of 2 trinket bowls
Remember, it’s all about making the most of the space you have, staying organised and adding your own interior style. With these 5 tips you should be fully equip with all the knowledge you need to make the big move and flourish in your new home.
Honey yellow basket
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