In Conversation with … Lyndsey Goodger / Business Owner & Head Buyer of Rose & Grey

In Conversation with … Lyndsey Goodger / Business Owner & Head Buyer of Rose & Grey

Introducing our new series, ‘In Conversation With …’ where we will be catching up with industry experts who will be sharing their top tips and secret recommendations within their chosen fields.

Where better to kick start the series, than by introducing Rose & Grey’s co-owner Lyndsey Goodger. Lyndsey is one half of the husband and wife duo behind Rose & Grey and the brand’s Head Buyer. She leads the team and sets the vision for each coming season; sourcing must-have products and seeking out new suppliers to ensure Rose & Grey always have something fresh and exciting to offer customers.

We asked Lyndsey to share her expert tips for spotting trends and how to introduce trend-led items into your home.

How important are trends to Rose & Grey?

While trends are as key in interiors today as they are in fashion, our philosophy is to mix classic pieces with trend-led accessories and colours. Rose & Grey strikes the balance between timeless furniture, styled with statement accessories that give a nod towards trends, rather than going overboard.  Our larger items are curated to stand the test of time, in both quality and style, while we introduce more ‘fun’, smaller pieces for easy style updates.

Where do you look to spot upcoming trends?

I travel to Paris twice a year to visit the trade fair Maison & Objet. There I see next season’s collections together under one roof. It gives me the opportunity to browse the stands, engage with designer/makers and see which trends appear. Social media is a great source for inspiration, particularly Instagram and Pinterest – whether it be styled shoots or real homes, there is easy access to a wealth of ideas and creativity. I look at content from all around the world to pick up on trends in other countries, particularly Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Scandinavia and America.

Chorlton sofa

What interior trends are you seeing coming through for the year ahead?

The trend for arch-shapes in the home is one that is here to stay. We’ve previously seen arches in structural features such as windows and doorways that have now filtered through to furniture, mirrors and accessories. This has inspired the smaller trend for rainbows, with  colour added into the classic arch shape. We have several rainbow products coming to our site in a few weeks’ time – so keep your eyes peeled for those landing! Pops of pastel colours are also growing in popularity – especially on furniture.

What trends have been around for a while but seem to be sticking around?

We always tend to focus on the trends with longevity. The appetite for velvet sofas has now been around for so many seasons I don’t think it counts as a trend anymore – they are here to stay! Mid-Century classic designs, such as our 366 chairs are always in style and we will continue to introduce new fabrics and colourways – as we did earlier in the year with our cord options – to ensure there is always a fresh take on the hero designs.  Neutral tones and rattan furniture are very of the moment and will be in demand for the foreseeable future.

Cheeky bum vase

What are your favourite trend pieces from the current Rose & Grey collection?

I’m currently completely in love with our Cheeky Vase. Accessories with personality or that showcase the female form (bums, boobs and silhouettes) are all proving very popular at the moment and I’m fully on board. I also love our shell-shaped vases for an easy update to a shelf or sideboard.

What is the one interior trend that everyone should invest in now?

Invest in a rattan cabinet or chair, it will provide a focal point in any room setting, while also being practical. Opt for an elegant, refined design that will stand the test of time.

Are there any trends you regret introducing to your own home?

Let’s just say I’m more cautious about spontaneously painting walls than I used to be!

Teak chair

Could you share your top three tips for styling trend-led pieces in your home?

  1. If you’re designing a room from scratch, begin by choosing timeless furniture that won’t date, then add trend-led items to complement your décor.
  2. Don’t go OTT. You only need a couple of items to reference a trend; you don’t need to completely redecorate each time you fall in love with a particular look.
  3. If you want to add a few trend-led pieces to your home and aren’t sure how, try styling a vignette on a shelf, a side table or on top of a sideboard.

Chorlton sofa

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