How to add colour to your home - With Amy Newton

How to add colour to your home - With Amy Newton

Colourful homeware and joyful interiors are at the heart of what we do at Rose & Grey. For the first post in our series of guest articles, written by interior designers from around the UK, Amy Newton has shared with us some of her top tips for adding colour to your home:

Amy Newton

 A question I am often asked and something that so many people seem to struggle with is how to add colour to your home. Whether it is through fear of getting it wrong or not having a clue where to start, it can feel like a daunting prospect, but it really is easier than you think and not as daunting as you might imagine.

Adding colour to your home doesn’t necessarily mean painting a whole room in a bright, vibrant colour (unless you want to of course, and in that case, go for it!). There are some small additions that you can make to gently add pops of colour, which will add personality and interest to any room.

Here are my top tips:


Whether real or artificial, the addition of plants can enhance any space. Fill empty nooks with planters and baskets brimming with beautiful greenery and you will instantly change the look of any room. Not only that, it will also change how you feel in this space as greenery brings a sense of calmness to your environment. Real plants also have the added benefits of helping to produce clearer air and reducing noise if strategically placed. By adding plants at different heights, you can also create the illusion of height and space so don’t just consider plants on the floor, think about positioning them on furniture and in hanging planters.

Image courtesy of Amy Newton Interiors

Feature wall

Those who follow me will know that I am a huge fan of a feature wall and there are several to be found around my own home. Adding a feature wall allows you to test out colour (if you’re feeling hesitant) and can give a room the real wow factor. I would suggest picking a focal point in your room whether it be the wall behind your headboard or the wall where your fireplace sits and make this your feature. Think about how the feature wall will complement the rest of the room, as well as provide a contrast. And remember, paint and wallpaper aren’t your only options…think of wood, stone, tiles and textiles too.

Image courtesy of Amy Newton Interiors


The walls in your home aren’t the only way to add colour. In fact, you can keep the rest of the room as neutral as you like whilst adding accents of colour with the addition of a beautiful piece of furniture such as a colourful sofa. Accent chairs are another great example of this and a relatively inexpensive way to add colour and/or pattern. A single statement piece can truly transform the look and feel of a room. 


Curtains, cushions, throws and rugs are another way of adding colour to your home without having to paint or paper the walls (and especially if you’re in a rental property where this isn’t allowed!). You might want to start with a single accent colour, or you might want to pick a combination of colours and textures- consider how they work together to create the overall look and feel that you would like to achieve.

Artwork and accessories

Often a room scheme can be derived from one piece of artwork that you love. Pick out one or two colours from the artwork and use those as accents throughout the rest of the room. However, you may wish the artwork in itself to be the statement piece that adds the colour that you desire, whilst the remainder of the room is kept to more neutral tones. The addition of artwork doesn’t have to be expensive as there is so much out there to suit every budget from prints to commissioned artwork, or even your own photography.


Adding the final finishing touches to a room is often the part that most people look forward to and this is where you can add interest and personality to a space with through colour, pattern, shape and texture. It can also be a quick and inexpensive way to change the look and feel of a room if you fancy a change or if you want to make some seasonal updates. 

If you are considering how to add colour to your home, have fun with it, experiment and remember, a wall can be easily re-painted or accessories changed. 

Image courtesy of Amy Newton Interiors



Amy Newton Interiors is a residential interior design studio based in Sale, South Manchester. Amy collaborates seamlessly with clients, across Manchester and Cheshire bringing a harmonious blend of form and function into their homes. Her commitment to creating design schemes that provide the ‘wow’ factor is evident in every project, with a keen eye for detail and collaboration. Amy believes that design goes beyond aesthetics; it becomes a tailored experience that enhances daily living. 

To see more of Amy's work, check out her:


Image courtesy of Amy Newton Interiors


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