How to Style Dried Grasses and Flowers in your Home

How to Style Dried Grasses and Flowers in your Home

Dried flowers and grasses are definitely having a moment. You can't scroll through Instagram or Pinterest without being bombarded by vases filled with pampas grass or pretty dried blooms. But how do you style dried flowers in your home without it looking like your grandparent's house? Here are our top tips for ensuring your dried foliage looks more Elle Deco than potpourri.


Less is more

The key is to be subtle when styling dried flowers and grasses in your home. If you're styling a shelfie or a vignette for a sideboard or coffee table, don't be tempted to go over the top. As demonstrated in the image below, you don't need to fill every vase with foliage. Fill a couple of vases with simple arrangements and step to admire your display. We like to refer to Coco Chanel's famous quote for removing one accessory before leaving the house - when you've finished styling, remove the foliage from one vase avoid going OTT.


Add interest to your dinner table

Dried flowers and grasses aren't just for placing in vases. We love placing a dried stem on each place setting when dressing the table for dinner. It's an easy way to add a little luxury to your dining table, replicating a look often seen at weddings. Keep things simple by placing just one or two stems on each plate, choosing foliage that complements your tableware.


Don't be afraid to go big

When it comes to pampas grass, we say the bigger the better! Don't be afraid to opt for one statement vase filled with tall, bushy foliage. One beautiful vase filled with fluffy grasses or a dried bouquet can have more of an impact that various smaller arrangements scattered around a room.

Brighten up your desk

We're all getting a bit bored of looking at the same four walls. Add interest to your WFH situation by adding a vase filled with dried flowers or grasses to your desk, giving you something to admire as you work.


Decorate your walls

Our floral wreathes are perfect for adding interest to your walls - hang one on its own or add texture to a gallery wall. You could also try a little DIY and create your own wreath using dried flowers and grasses, florist's wire and our hanging wire ring decorations.

Choose a vase that complements your foliage

Don't just plonk your dried flowers in any old vase. Choose a vase in a shape and style that complements your foliage. Look for complementary colours and check that the opening of the vase is the right size for your chosen bouquet. You'll want a large vase with a wider opening if you're displaying large grasses, but a small delicate bouquet will look more at home in a petite vase.

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