Home Tour | Jodi Bond – House on a Sugar Hill

Home Tour | Jodi Bond – House on a Sugar Hill

We’re continuing our new series of home tours with a peek inside the home of Jodi Bond. You may recognise Jodi’s home from Instagram, where she’s built up an impressive following of 42,000 people who admire her brightly coloured house. Based in Atlantic, Georgia, Jodi began documenting her home on Instagram when she and her husband started remodeling their new house, five years ago. The duo now work in interior design – opportunities that arose as Jodi’s Instagram account grew. Their home is instantly recognisable, thanks to its playful aesthetic and the bold bursts of colour that appear throughout each room. We especially love the abundance of pink and green – two of our favourite colours for interiors. Read on to discover more about Jodi’s home.

JodiImage courtesy of Jodi Bond

What is your most treasured item in your home?

To date it would be the vintage curved sofa that I reupholstered in pink.  The amount of tenacity and effort to accomplish that project still gives me pride.  I had been searching for a vintage couch for months, and when I finally found one on Craigslist, I happened to be out of town.  The seller was moving that weekend, and could not hold it for me.  Desperate, I put out a call on social media, and one kind soul offered to drive an hour to pick it up for me and deliver it to my house. I will be eternally grateful to him.  After it was in my possession I had to tackle the reupholster which I had never down before.  With the help of my neighbor, we pulled it off, and it’s the pride and joy of my living room.

Pink sofaImage courtesy of Jodi Bond

What is your favourite room in your home and why?

My favorite room is our living room because it holds so much life. With French doors that open to the back patio, we’ll often open up all the doors and windows and let the whole room be filled with fresh air and bright sunshine.   This is the area where we host large groups of people to gather late at night and talk about the deeper meanings of life.  This is where our children congregate after school, lounging on the sofa, giggling, and playing with the puppy.  This is where my husband and I will often retire after the children are asleep to talk and plan for our future.  Many memories are made in this room.

Wall artImage courtesy of Jodi Bond

Where do you most love to curl up with a good book/glass of wine/cup of coffee?

If you open what looks to be a closet door in my bedroom, you’re are led into a large bonus room featuring gabled ceilings and beautiful window views. While we’ve always planned to turn it into our home office,  we somewhat abruptly morphed it into a lounge area for my husband and I. With a wrap around velvet couch situated by a window overlooking the surrounding trees, this is my favorite space to catch a moment of quite during the day to read or meditate.

Pink aestheticImage courtesy of Jodi Bond

Which part of your home do your Instagram followers really love?

Hands down, my most popular Instagram room is the bonus room off of our master bedroom.  With it’s angled ceilings full of character, wooden white floors laid at an angle, and punchy pops of pinks and green incorporated in the furniture and wallpaper, it’s been quite the hit on my social media channels.

Loft apartmentImage courtesy of Jodi Bond

How would you describe your interior style?

While I love to experiment with new ideas in my decorative styling, there are a few elements I cannot live without. Loads of sunlight washing a room, neutral walls to let my said decorative experiments pop, and plants (the real kind) to bring the room to life.  I find myself drawn to eclectic 1960’s era lines and color play, the earthy elements of the Japandi style mash up (a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian Styling), and cannot help but love how invigorating a boho inspired space makes me feel.  I find myself pulling from these different design styles to create one that represents all the aspects that I love.

Home decorImage courtesy of Jodi Bond

What interiors trends or new pieces will you be incorporating into your home in 2019?

As a designer, I feel like I’m supposed to say I don’t incorporate trends, but if I’m being honest, I find trends fascinating and fun. I love manipulating a trend, morphing into my style in order to make it my own.  Usually I’ll keep these pieces as less permanent objects, like my terrazzo wall mural, that I can change out when the moment has moved on. My next project is to refresh my master bedroom.  I’ll be incorporating the earthy rust toned trend that is current into my bedding, while keeping the rest of the room neutral.

TableImage courtesy of Jodi Bond
All photos by Jodi Bond

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