The Story Behind our Urban Sofas

The Story Behind our Urban Sofas

Our Urban sofa collection doesn't compromise on comfort or style. These are sleek, streamlined contemporary sofas with super comfy seats, perfect for adding a design flourish to your living room but also for sinking into after a long day at work. The collection includes on-trend curved sofas, snuggly love seats and corner sofas perfect for putting up your feet. If you're looking for a statement sofa or a simple, minimal silhouette that will stand the test of time, our Urban collection has got you covered.


Where are the sofas made?

All our products are made in our factory in Brodnica, Poland. The company was founded over 25 years ago by a Swedish family. The founders being Swedish means the design and cultural ethos of the company is firmly Scandinavian. There is a considered approach to design, process and the people who are all involved. We use designers from around Europe to help create an international collection, one that can appeal to customers in terms of style and quality. We are a family business and everyone involved is considered family; people are at the core of what we do and we take great care to look after each other and in turn the products we produce.

What is the design process like?

The group of designers we use travel far and wide, along with the product teams to gather inspiration and get a sense of what it is people want for their lives in this modern world.

What makes the sofas so comfy?

We use a number of different types of interiors for our sofas to achieve maximum comfort for each design.

Who makes the sofas?

There are over 2000 people involved at the company and everyone is part of the production in one way or another, we have master upholsterers who have built up years of technical experience, and the sewing expertise combine to create a good quality product.

Can you talk us through how a sofa is made, start to finish?

All of our suppliers are within 100kms or so of the factory, apart from some of the fabrics but we keep these in stock. This allows us to move quickly and reduce the impact on the planet. We have some parts such as foam and wooden elements prepared before they arrive with us and then the sewing department and warehouse team put together all the elements that are needed for each sofa. Then the frame is constructed and teams of upholsterers finally add the remaining elements to create each sofa. We have quality control who then inspect each sofa and make any amendments if needed before being finally packed and sent for distribution.

Where are the fabrics sourced from?

All of our fabrics are sourced from Europe and Turkey.

How do you recommend caring for your classic and Lario velvet fabrics?

Always use products that are suitable for cleaning fabrics. We would advise a damp cloth first with light rubbing then using a professional cleaning product for any stubborn stains.

How do you recommend caring for your cotton linen fabrics?

We provide care instructions with all our fabrics. Some are washable and can be professionally dry cleaned. Again, please use a damp, clean cloth first with light rubbing.

How is the factory moving forwards in terms of sustainability?

This is a huge focus for the company in the future. We have introduced a number of fabrics into our range made from recycled fabrics and plastics retrieved from the ocean. Our wood is FSC certified and we are constantly looking at internal processes to reduce any unnecessary waste.

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