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Velvet Sofas

Make your sofa the star of the show with our range of luxury velvet sofas. Velvet is one of our (and yours) favourite fabrics thanks to its chic appearance and plush touch. Fall in love with one of our made-to-order styles from the Urban or Snuggle Collection; choose from love seats, two and three-seaters, and corner sofas to wrap in sumptuous velvet material in a colour that best suits your living room. Our modern velvet sofas are made with 100% natural cotton or polyester velvet that has a thick pile. This makes them super soft and helps them to age beautifully. And if you’re worried about accidental spills and scuffs, our Urban Collection Aquaclean velvet’s 100,000 rub count means that it’s easier to lift out stains. Shop luxury velvet sofas from our selection below.

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  1. Available in 3 Sizes & 35 Fabrics
    Penny Sofa Penny Sofa
  2. Available in 35 Fabrics
    Hugo Chesterfield Love Seat Hugo Chesterfield Love Seat
  3. Available in 35 Fabrics
    Oscar Love Seat Oscar Love Seat
  4. Available in 35 fabrics
    Jethro Love Seat Jethro Love Seat
  5. Available in 35 Fabrics
    Betsy Loveseat Betsy Love Seat
  6. Available in 2 sizes and 6 fabrics
    Buxton Sofa Buxton Sofa
  7. Available in 35 fabrics
    Dylan Armchair Dylan Armchair
  8. Available in 2 sizes & 35 fabrics
    Dylan Sofa Dylan Sofa
  9. Available in 3 sizes & 35 fabrics
    Jethro Sofa Jethro Sofa
  10. Available in 32 fabrics
    Dulwich Corner Sofa front Dulwich Corner Sofa
  11. Available in 3 Sizes & 32 Fabrics
    Dulwich Sofa Dulwich Sofa
  12. Available in 32 Fabrics
    Kew Corner Sofa Kew Corner Sofa
  13. Available in 2 Sizes & 32 Fabrics
    Kew Sofa Kew Sofa
  14. Available in 2 Sizes & 35 Fabrics
    Oscar Sofa Oscar Sofa
  15. Available in 2 Sizes & 35 Fabrics
    Harry Chesterfield Sofa Harry Chesterfield Sofa
  16. Available in 2 Sizes & 35 Fabrics
    Edith Button-and-Stud Sofa Edith Button-and-Stud Sofa
  17. Available in 32 Fabrics
    Richmond Corner Sofa Richmond Corner Sofa
  18. Available in 3 Sizes & 35 Fabrics
    Hugo Chesterfield Sofa Hugo Chesterfield Sofa
  19. Available in 5 colours
    Nordic Three-Seater Velvet Sofa Nordic Velvet Sofa
  20. Available in 5 colours
    Nordic Velvet Chaise Longue Nordic Velvet Chaise Longue
  21. Available in 2 Sizes & 35 Fabrics
    Betsy Sofa Betsy Sofa
  22. Available in 2 Sizes & 35 Fabrics
    Mabel Sofa Mabel Sofa
  23. Available in 2 Sizes & 35 Fabrics
    Albert Chesterfield Sofa Albert Chesterfield Sofa

23 Items

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