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Velvet Dreams

Velvet is everywhere at the moment! From the catwalks to your home, this sumptuously soft luxurious fabric shows no sign of going out of style. We say, snuggle up on a velvet sofa or armchair that will become the centrepiece of your entire home.

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  1. Available in 6 fabrics
    Didsbury Armchair Main Didsbury Armchair
  2. Available in 2 sizes & 6 fabrics
    Chorlton Sofa Chorlton Sofa
  3. Available in 6 fabrics
    Chorlton Corner Sofa Chorlton Corner Sofa
  4. Available in 4 Fabrics
    Hugo Chesterfield Corner Sofa Hugo Chesterfield Corner Sofa
  5. Available in 4 Fabrics
    Lola Pouffe Lola Pouffe
  6. Available in 3 Sizes & 6 Fabrics
    Dulwich Sofa Dulwich Sofa
  7. Available in 6 Fabrics
    Kew Corner Sofa Kew Corner Sofa
  8. Available in 2 Sizes & 6 Fabrics
    Kew Sofa Kew Sofa
  9. Available in 4 Fabrics
    Freddie Footstool Freddie Footstool
  10. Available in 2 Sizes & 4 Fabrics
    Oscar Sofa Oscar Sofa
  11. Available in 2 Sizes & 4 Fabrics
    Harry Chesterfield Sofa Harry Chesterfield Sofa
  12. Available in 2 Sizes & 4 Fabrics
    Edith Button-and-Stud Sofa Edith Button-and-Stud Sofa
  13. Available in 6 Fabrics
    Fox Three Seater Sofa Main H.Lis Fox Three Seater Sofa

Items 1-16 of 40

per page