If you are drawn to retro styling, our Mid-Century Collection is sure to catch your eye. The classic designs from the 1960’s add character to any room, providing a stunning focal point. Choose from velvet, wool and cord, in an array of striking colours to create a bespoke statement piece.

Durability meets style in the most popular of all our fabrics. Plush velvet texture adds interest with its light-catching qualities. This soft velvet is also stain resistant so it’s easy to remedy spills with just a clean cloth and water! A host of hues are available to ensure the perfect tone for a broad spectrum of homeware styles - opt for neutrals such as Taupe or go bold with Rust or Powder Pink.
Composition: 100% Polyester
Rub Count: 47,000
Best thing about me: Stain resistant and easy clean with just water!

Texture is the focus for this wool - long and smooth wild flax fibres are woven between the wool to produce a two-toned finish inspired by precious stones. A new generation of durable fabrics created from 100% natural materials
Composition: 70% Wool, 30% Flax
Rub Count: 50,000
Best thing about me: Made from natural fibres and very durable

Unique depth is created within the Loft range through intertwining two threads. Rich, iridescent shades are formed with fabric that feels silky soft. This textured chenille-type fabric is also stain resistant so it’s easy to remedy spills with just a clean cloth and water!
Composition: 62% Acetate, 29% Polyester, 5% Viscose, 4% Linen
Rub Count: 40,000
Best thing about me:Full of character and stain resistant

Cord is an instant classic - This tactile upholstery has the elegance of velvet with a utilitarian twist. Striking the perfect balance of soft-to-the-touch and durability – this is a key trend that has it’s roots in timeless texture and character.
Composition: 100% Polyester
Rub Count: 100,000
Best thing about me: Super durable and soft!

Boucle is a trend lend option with a timeless edge. This textured fabric is hardwearing yet tactile with a textured weave and endless character
Composition: 84% Polyester, 16% Acrylic
Rub Count: 100,000
Best thing about me: A characterful yet durable option

Our Marble fabric is a chenille-type fabric with two different colours woven through the material, giving a really beautiful multi-dimensional colour. It's super soft with a hand-feel reminiscent of soft velvet, and is available in a range of muted tones to suit any interior.
Composition: 50% Polyester, 28% Viscose, 12% Linen, 10% Cotton
Rub Count: 45,000
Best thing about me: Super soft handle with a Seventies vibe