Trend Quiz: Are you Cottagecore or Japandi?

March 29, 2021
Trend Quiz: Japandi or Cottagecore | Rose & Grey

Cottagecore and Japandi are the two big interior trends this year, both filtering down from larger lifestyle trends that have been popular for some time. But which do you prefer for your own home?

We like a fun quiz here at Rose & Grey (harking back to our schooldays working our way through magazine quizzes!) so we’ve put together a quick quiz to help you decide. All you need is five minutes and a pen and paper.

How would you describe your home?

A) A focus on well-designed, functional furniture, with neutral, natural colours mixed in with touches of black.

B) A contemporary country cottage aesthetic, complete with antique furniture, William Morris wallpaper and kitsch accessories.

C) A mis-match of different styles that all reflect your personality and come together to create a cohesive space.

Which Rose & Grey cabinet would you like to add into your home?

A) The Black Oak Sideboard is a timeless contemporary piece that combines functionality and good design. It would fit perfectly into your home.

B) The Rattan Webbed Multi Chest of Drawers would suit your home perfectly, complementing your eclectic mix of antique and modern wooden and rattan furniture.

C) You love the look of the Mustard lockers, for adding a bright splash of colour and fun element to a room.

Where do you look for interiors inspiration?

A) You look at your favourite Nordic brands and The Modern House for inspiration, as well as checking out design-focused content creators such as @lukearthurwells ,@catestshill and @thesefourwallsblog.

B) You love how lifestyle trends can filter through to interiors, and love looking at websites and magazines such as Homes & Gardens. On Instagram you follow the likes of @nofeaturewalls, @iamlaurajackson and

C) You don’t really look in a particular place for inspiration – you just keep your eye out constantly. Sometimes you’re inspired by your friend’s homes, or an image you came across on Pinterest but you trust your gut instinct and have your own unique personal style.

Your dream home is?

A) A Mid-Century Modern, architect-designed home with large windows that flood the space with natural light.

B) A historical property, such as a Georgian townhouse or country cottage with interesting original features including large fireplaces, ceiling roses and beamed ceilings.

C) A blank canvas that you can make your own.

What can’t you imagine living without?

A) A good amount of practical storage that is cleverly designed and looks great.

B) Wallpaper! You can’t imagine living in a home with plain walls.

C) Colour. You love adding colour to your home through paint, furniture and accessories.

Did you answer mainly …



You have a keen interest in good design, and like to keep on top of what’s going on in the world of interiors. You like to fill your home with well-designed, high-quality objects that are both functional and attractive, and will last for years to come. The Japandi trend fits in perfectly with your ethos, marrying concepts of Japanese and Scandinavian design to offer clean silhouettes and contemporary yet timeless designs.

Our top three picks for you:

Black webbed lounge chair

Noko wicker conical pendant

Webbed cane and teak wood bench

Trend Quiz: Japandi or Cottagecore | Rose & Grey

Did you answer mainly …



You love the history of period homes, and the charm that original features bring to a house. Your home is filled with a wonderful mix of antique furniture and fun modern pieces that combine to create a warm and cosy aesthetic. The Cottagecore trend is perfect for you, offering a more contemporary take on the classic country cottage aesthetic with William Morris wallpapers and apron sinks meeting deVOL kitchens and statement shell bowls.

Our top three picks for you:

Ceramic shell bowl

Natural rope table lamp

Antique brass and glass display cabinet

Trend Quiz: Japandi or Cottagecore | Rose & Grey

Did you answer mainly …


You do your own thing

You’re not one to follow trends and prefer to take a more personal, eclectic approach to your home. There may be elements of both Japandi and Cottagecore that you like, but you tend to go with your gut instinct when decorating and styling your home. You keep your eyes peeled on new products and choose pieces that complement your existing d├ęcor.

Our top three picks for you:

Set of two twisted candles

Mango wood and brass textured cabinet

Sofia Lind ‘Still Waiting’ print

Trend Quiz: Japandi or Cottagecore | Rose & Grey

Trend Quiz: Japandi or Cottagecore | Rose & Grey
Trend Quiz: Japandi or Cottagecore | Rose & Grey

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