Ten Spaces that Rock the Nordic Luxe Trend

June 6, 2017
Nordic Luxe

Do you love that Scandinavian aesthetic but you can’t resist adding a little glam to your room? Perhaps you have a thing for stripped back white and grey interiors, but you also have a penchant for gold hardware and marble detailing? Our Nordic Luxe trend perfectly combines the two, fusing simple silhouettes, pale wood and wooden-framed furniture with luxe materials such as gold, velvet and faux fur.

It can be tricky to introduce a new trend into your home without having a complete overhaul, but that’s the beauty of this look. If your home already boasts a Scandi aesthetic, you just need to introduce a couple of glam accessories to completely transform the room.

We’ve pulled together ten inspirational images to inspire you.


Nordic Luxe 1

Contrast shapes, rather than keeping everything angular. Scandi-inspired furniture tends to favour sharp clean lines, so adding a couple of accessories with softer silhouettes can help to soften the look.


Nordic Luxe 2

Keep things simple. You can still embrace a minimalist aesthetic, it’s all about being very particular about your choices. Opt for Scandi-inspired well-designed, high-quality furniture and accessorise with one or two carefully selected accessories than add a luxurious touch. We love how this simple sofa and stool are given a glam overhaul by the addition of a minimal gold lamp and accessory.


Nordic Luxe 3

Just one statement piece can make a huge difference to a room. This dramatic coffee table doesn’t overpower the room, but adds a glamorous talking point.


Nordic Luxe 4

A glamorous velvet sofa in an electrifying hue can completely transform a room. Imagine this space with a neutral hued wool or cotton sofa – it wouldn’t have anywhere near the same impact.


Nordic Luxe 5

Looking to add a little glam to a minimalist desk? A luxe lamp is the perfect contrast to white walls and a wooden desk. If you’d like to make this look more luxe, simply drape a sheepskin throw over your chair.


Nordic Luxe 6

You don’t have to add colour; Nordic Luxe works perfectly with a monochrome palette. You can easily add interest by introducing one or two marble items such as this marble-topped coffee table.


Nordic Luxe 8

A few carefully considered gold pieces can completely transform a room. Imagine how bland this space would look without the four gold items that instantly catch your eye.


Nordic Luxe 7

Looking to add a little luxury to a Scandi-themed dining table and chairs? Simply drape a couple of luxurious sheepskin throws or textured blankets over the back of Eames-inspired chairs.


Nordic Luxe 9

Adding the ‘luxe’ element is all about texture and metallics. A couple of textured cushions and sheepskin throws will warm up a space at the same time as adding a glam factor.


Hugo Sofa 2

Add a feminine twist to a neutral Scandi aesthetic with accessories. A textured cushion, a marble and gold side table, a contemporary mirror and a bunch of faux flowers instantly make this space feel more cosy and welcoming.


Images all via our NORDIC LUXE Pinterest board apart from last photo is our own



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