Styling Challenge | Faux Ivy

February 9, 2018

This month we planned a mini styling challenge, sending a stem of our faux ivy to three bloggers to style in their own, unique ways. Our new faux trailing patterned ivy stems are one of our most versatile fake plants.

Sold in individual stems (each photo below uses just one stem), the ivy can be used on its own or mixed in with other stems and flowers to create larger displays. The patterned leaves fit in perfectly with the direction that the house plant trend is going in this year, and the leaves look incredibly realistic. Perfect for those places where real plants can’t catch enough light (we’ve lost count of how many times plants have died in our bathroom), these faux ivy stems can be placed anywhere around the home.

We love how Abi from These Four Walls popped her ivy in a simple pot on her bathroom shelf for a simple, Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic. Janice shared two beautiful images – one wonderfully creative shot pouring the ivy from a teapot and the other weaving it into a stunning floral display. And Karen placed hers on top of a cabinet, in one of those places where real plants simply could not survive.

Which image is your favourite? We’ll be revealing the winner on our social channels this weekend!






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