How to Style the Desert Boho Trend in your Own Home

May 21, 2019
Desert Boho trend

Have you noticed the gradual shift away from minimalist Scandinavian decor, towards a more textured look? We’ve been fully embracing the ‘Desert Boho‘ look in our collections but understand that not everyone is attracted to a more maximalist style. You don’t have to fill your home with cane and rattan, completely redecorating each room. Instead, seek inspiration from tactile textures, earthy hues and interesting prints, adding a handful of new pieces that complement the rest of your decor.

Read on for our guide to styling the desert boho trend in your own home.


Mix & match

The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to buy everything new each time you are attracted to a different interior trend. Your large pieces of furniture, such as the blush pink velvet sofa pictured below, can be given a fresh look with the addition of a few new accessories. A statement lamp, a new coffee table and bold new prints or plant pots can completely transform the look of a room without completely redecorating.

Desert Boho trend


Get clever with storage

The below image demonstrates how easily you can give a clean white space a boho makeover. We’ve added a scattering of rattan baskets to a simple utility room, adding interest and texture at the same time as offering practical storage solutions. The beauty of these baskets is that you can use them all around the home to store anything from hand towels in the bathroom to children’s toys in the living room, instantly adding a hint of the boho trend.

Desert Boho trend


Invest in statement pieces

You only need one or two statement pieces to create a bold look and transform a room. Take the image below as an example: the floor lamp gives the room an edge, instantly giving a completely different aesthetic to the velvet sofa and armchair. When investing in statement pieces for your home, make sure that they are items that you really love, that will suit your home for years to come.

Desert Boho trend


Add texture

The easiest way to embrace this trend is by adding texture. Rattan and cane are the obvious materials to opt for, but a palm leaf lamp or Berber rug will easily add an element of the desert boho trend to your home. Add interest to your bed or sofa with softly textured cushions, try out a statement wall hanging, and pay attention to the little details such as the rim of a mirror or the legs of a table.

Desert Boho trend


Introduce prints

Prints are an easy and affordable way to introduce a new trend or style into your home. Choose prints that work with the colour scheme of your room and opt for designs that reference current themes. Our new print collection features silhouettes and rainbows, both popular motifs that work well with the desert boho trend. You don’t just have to hang prints on the wall – create interest by leaning a framed print on a mantelpiece or console table.

Desert Boho trend


Embrace dried grasses

The current trend for displaying dried grasses and flowers around the home fits in perfectly with this look. Place a bunch of pampas grass in a large pot, or display smaller stems in a variety of vases on shelves or tables. This is also a great way of adding more texture and interest to your room.

styling the desert boho trend in your own home


How to Style the Desert Boho Trend in your Own Home

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