Quiz: What’s Your Christmas Style?

October 27, 2020

Are you starting to plan your festive décor? Our Christmas Shop is now live on our website, displaying our carefully curated collection of stylish decorations for transforming your home into a festive grotto. But are you planning on going all-out and decking the halls, or do you prefer a more subtle approach to decorating for Christmas? Take our festive styling quiz to discover your perfect Christmas style – and leave us a comment to let us know if your result sounds like you!

How would you describe your home?

A) Traditional and elegant

B) Inspired by Scandinavian design

C) Modern and trend-led

D) Rustic and cosy

Which Instagrammer’s interior style do you admire?

A) I love how @alicesgrace_ combines traditional character with modern elegance

B) I really admire Abi of @thesefourwallsblog for how she incorporates Nordic design into her home

C) I always look to @kate.lavie for fun, contemporary styling tips

D) Jeska of @lobsterandswan has such a lovely, cosy home full of natural materials

How excited are you to decorate for the festive season?

A) I can’t wait to deck the halls! We go all out in this house

B) I like adding subtle festive touches to my existing décor without going over the top

C) I’m looking forward to putting my own spin on Christmas decorations with nods to current trends

D) My favourite part is foraging for foliage to make my own wreathes and garlands

What colours are you drawn to?

A) Red, green and gold

B) Soft whites and greys

C) Bold bright colours – especially pink

D) Natural beige tones and forest green

Which of our decorations is your favourite?

A) The green eucalyptus wreath would look beautiful hung on my front door or above the fireplace

B) The St. Lucia advent candles are perfect for adding a Scandinavian touch to a windowsill

C) The nude thistle wreathes are perfect for adding a unique touch and a splash of colour to my walls

D) I love the reusable paper trees in natural colours of green, white and tan – I’ll be placing some on my mantelpiece

Did you answer mainly …


Traditional with a Twist

You love decorating your home for the festive season, keeping everything classy and elegant while respecting the traditional décor of your home. You like to stick with traditional festive colour palettes of red, green and gold but add contemporary twists with interesting shapes and textures. Every inch of your home gets decorated – from your staircase to your front door.

Our top three festive picks for you:

Green eucalyptus wreath

Antique brass metal star garland

Dark & medium pink paper Christmas trees


Nordic Nights

You look to Scandinavia for inspiration, particularly at this time of year as the Nordic nations are so good at creating cosy homes during the winter months. During the festive period, you prefer to add subtle hints to the season rather than completely transforming your home, styling areas such as your fireplace, sideboard and windows with minimalist decorations.

Our top three festive picks for you:

Large ivory standing paper tree

St Lucia candles

Paper stars


Contemporary Christmas

You love decorating your home for Christmas but find traditional decorations dull. You prefer to add festive décor that ties in with the rest of your home, picking out on-trend colours, stylish shapes and unusual designs. Rather than completely decorating one area, you add subtle, trend-led festive touches throughout your home.

Our top three festive picks for you:

Nude thistle wreathes

Light pink paper Christmas trees

Golden mistletoe wreathes


Natural Materials

You detest throw-away plastic decorations and like to fill your home with natural materials such as wood, paper and metal. You make a lot of your own Christmas decorations, such as wreathes and garlands crafted from foraged foliage, but you like to add a few well-chosen pieces that can be easily packed away and used again year after year. You’re more likely to add a small ornament such as a paper tree to an already styled area of your home than completely redecorating for Christmas.

Our top three festive picks for you:

Tan paper pulp Christmas trees

Recycled paper baubles

Brass leaves and berries garland

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