Q&A with 2LG Studio: Making Living Lovely

July 24, 2020
2LG Studio | Making Living Lovely | Interview with Rose & Grey

Based in South East London, 2LG is an interior design studio founded by creative duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead. The duo offer residential and commercial interior design and styling services, as well as running an incredibly popular Instagram account that provides never-ending inspiration. We’ve admired the work of 2LG Studio for several years now, enjoying how they play with colour to create high-end designs that will transform your home. When we heard they had published an interiors book, we immediately bought a copy and have subsequently spent many hours pouring over the beautifully-designed pages. To celebrate the launch of their book, we caught up with Jordan and Russell to ask them a few questions about the inspiration behind Making Living Lovely, where they find inspiration and, of course, their top tips for introducing colour to your home.

Get hold of your own copy of Making Living Lovely by 2LG Studio here. 


2LG Studio | Making Living Lovely | Interview with Rose & Grey


Congratulations on publishing your book, Making Living Lovely! Could you talk us through the inspiration behind the decision to begin writing it?

Thanks so much! We needed to write the book because of the huge pressure people feel around designing the spaces they live in. Making living lovely is a way of life that helps you to make the best of the home you have and avoid the pitfalls of seeing endless perfect images and the indecision that can come with that. We felt we wanted to look at the ‘why’ of interior design to help you reconnect with what you love, hone your style and live your best life. The book is everything we have learned from our experience working with real people in real homes over the last 6 years. It’s not a rule book, instead we give you the tools to create your dream home. It’s all about freedom and Joy. Once you are freed from the idea that your home has to be a perfect “finished picture” it’s a wonderful feeling. Take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the process!


Was there a particular person or group you had in mind when writing the book? 

It’s aimed at every single person in the world! It’s about democratising design and understanding the creative process so that you can apply those concepts to any space you inhabit. All of the issues we have come across with our clients over the past 6 years have helped us to create this creative process. From renters, homeowners, family’s cohabiting – the book if for anyone who inhabits a space. It’s very much about empowerment and enabling your own desires and design style, a starting point to facilitate your best life.


2LG Studio | Making Living Lovely | Interview with Rose & Grey


What impact do you hope Making Living Lovely will have on readers?  

Hopefully it will help people to find creative freedom and tap into their own style with a wider knowledge of design style overall. We wanted to give people confidence and really help them to look into themselves for inspiration and not to other people. We love Instagram and Pinterest but it can be overwhelming to some people, who “hoard inspiration” yet don’t really know what to do with it. We have devised a simple road map, that can really change the way you approach design at home.


How would you describe your interiors style?

Joyful Minimalism. Full of colour, texture, pattern and playfulness, but applied in a minimal way with strong function at the core.


Your style is always ahead of the curve – where do you find inspiration? Do you pay attention to interior trends, and are there any current trends that you particularly like to use in your work?

We tend to avoid trends and find inspiration from varied sources. It’s a holistic approach to the way we live. We love theatre and music and art and film. Fashion is also a huge inspiration. Materiality. Veganism, sustainability. These are all huge inspirations. We both started out as actors so story and human connection is a huge driving force in our design world. People and the stories they tell are the ultimate inspiration. That is a big answer, but the truth is a huge amount of inspirations go into one scheme.


2LG Studio | Making Living Lovely | Interview with Rose & Grey

Image by Megan Taylor


We love how you play with colour in your work. Do you have any advice for introducing bold colour into living spaces?

Be brave and fearless. Start with a colour that you LOVE, you will never regret a colour choice that makes you happy! But also, be true to yourself, grey and beige can still be a bold choice in the right context.


What would be your top tip for showing your personality in your home?

Go for it! Don’t follow trends. Your home is for you, it’s not about keeping up with the Jones’s or creating a show home. It should reflect you! You are a true individual and your home should reflect that and/or facilitate that.


2LG Studio | Making Living Lovely | Interview with Rose & Grey

Image by Megan Taylor


Do you have any interior NO’s?

Nope, if it makes you happy go for it! We aren’t interested in shaming or laying down taste. Design should be about function and beauty and that can be different for everyone. No rules from us! Just mindful tools to enable you to create your dream home.


What is next on the agenda for 2LG?

We are grateful to be working on some really cool projects this year, from a new development to a plant based nursery! Also book two hopefully, and we have dreams of starting our own product line and even fashion! We also have a few brand collaborations coming out in 2021 that we are already working on. One range in particular for a big high street name that’s super accessible and design led! Can’t wait to share it with the world.


Get hold of your own copy of Making Living Lovely by 2LG Studio here. 


2LG Studio | Making Living Lovely | Interview with Rose & Grey

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