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Our Top Tips for Buying Gifts

October 25, 2021

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? The buzz around our office this past week has been all about what we’re buying our loved ones, so we thought we’d share some of our top tips for buying gifts with you. It’s so easy to get swept away and go overboard at this time of year – or the complete opposite of not having a clue what to buy. So allow us to help!

Top Tips for Buying Gifts | Rose & Grey

“Don’t be tempted to buy a gimmicky gift just because it’s Christmas. Think about what someone would really love or what they need for their home. I like to give well-made items such as a beautiful pair of salad servers or a large ceramic bowl that I know the recipient will use for years to come.”

Emma, Creative Content Manager

Top Tips for Buying Gifts | Rose & Grey

“Rather than buying a number of little gifts for each person, in recent years I’ve tended to just stick to one bigger, pricier gift for each person that I know is something they’ve needed or I’m sure they’ll like. It takes some of the stress out of Christmas shopping as it narrows down your list, but more importantly it feels more environmentally-friendly to just buy one special present that you know will definitely get used, and not all the little knick-knacks that might not.”

Jen, Marketing & PR Assistant


“Somewhat predictably as the brand’s PR Manager, I love looking at the gift guides for inspiration before I start my shopping. There are always pieces I never would’ve found myself.”

Jess, PR Manager


“I like to be super organised and start my shopping early, buying a few things each month throughout the year. It’s a great way to spread out the cost of Christmas while also avoiding that last-minute panic.”

Daisy, Showroom & Customer Services Exec


“I only buy gifts for a handful of close family members and my boyfriend, so I can afford to spend more money on special presents for them. We usually ask each other for Christmas lists, so we can be sure that we are buying gifts that each other loves or needs.”

Sally, Customer Services & Warehouse Assistant


“Other than my daughter, my family does Secret Santa at Christmas. This means that we allocate all of our budget to buying one special present and we can really think about what we’re going to buy. My husband and I also like to put stockings together for each other, filled with small but meaningful gifts such as chocolates, a beautiful mug and candles.”

Anna, Merchandiser

Top Tips for Buying Gifts | Rose & Grey

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