Our Stylist’s Top Tips for Decorating your Home this Christmas

November 19, 2021

When do you start decorating your home for Christmas? The last weekend of November is always the time that we start to feel festive and begin hanging garlands and gathering foliage for Christmas DIY decorations. We may not put our trees up until the beginning of December, but this coming weekend is when we put on the Christmas tunes, make our first batch of mulled wine and start decorating those halls! If you’re also planning on feeling festive this weekend, we asked our Creative Content Manager and Stylist, Emma, to share her top tips for decorating your home this Christmas.

Add Christmas decorations all around your house. Don’t just create one display around your mantlepiece or tree, you can spread festive spirit throughout your home by placing a couple of well-considered decorations on surfaces such as on top of a sideboard, on a shelf or down your banister. I like my guests to feel that Christmas spirit as soon as I open the front door, so I like to hang paper stars from the ceiling in my entrance hall for a fun festive display.

Our Stylist's Top Tips for Decorating your Home this Christmas

Try something new, like a statement display using foliage to create a three-dimensional look to your fireplace. I love looking to Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration at Christmas, and one trend I picked up on last year was for over-the-top statement displays around the fireplace. Interior designer, Nicki Bamford-Bowes (@andthentheywentwild) created some of my favourite festive fireplaces last year, using oversized foliage and pink velvet bows. Rather than simply hanging a garland or wreath, go by the motto ‘bigger is better’ and super-size your fireplace foliage, creating dramatic displays than demand attention.

Turn off the ‘big’ lights and embrace warm, cosy, soft lighting around your home. I hate switching on ‘the big light’ over winter, preferring to find ways to cast a warmer, softer glow. This is particularly lovely at Christmas, when you want to embrace twinkling lights. When the days start to darken, turn on your Christmas tree lights before you reach for a light switch. Hang a light curtain in a dark corner, light candles in holders and inside glass lanterns, and use table lamps to illuminate reading corners.

Our Stylist's Top Tips for Decorating your Home this Christmas

Make your own everlasting wreath, using a stoneware or wire base and dried or fresh foliage. Local florist Florence in Flowers created a beautiful wreath for us this year, using a combination of pre-dried flowers and foliage such as eucalyptus leaves that will dry nicely. She’s shared her step-by-step guide on a previous blog post if you’d like to try this yourself.

Add fun and personality with quirky decorations that may be unexpected, such as our furry llamas or paper birds. I love using classic decorations, like our paper trees and hanging stars that can be reused each year, but I also like to add a couple of fun decorations, especially if you have children in the house. One of my favourite ways to decorate the Christmas tree is to add a couple of new decorations each year, building up a memorable collection of baubles that you can associate with each previous year. I’ll be adding furry llamas and paper birds to my tree this year, as I already have lots of simple baubles.

Dress your windows – not only placing decorations on the sills but hanging decorations such as paper stars from above. I actually think your windows are one of the most important parts of your home to decorate, as they are the first thing that guests will see as they approach your home and you will put a smile on the faces of people passing by. I like to have a source of light in my front windows to add a welcoming glow – advent candles, lanterns or fairy lights positioned around the frame of the window are all perfect.

Our Stylist's Top Tips for Decorating your Home this Christmas

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