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Have Yourself a Nordic Little Christmas

November 20, 2017
Nordic Christmas

Last week we talked about our new and exciting Boho Christmas theme but now we’re taking things back to what we know best: Scandinavian themed decor. Half of our showroom has been transformed into a Nordic wonderland with a white, grey and blue colour palette that resembles Narnia. Picture this: a blue velvet chesterfield sofa covered in sheepskins, paper stars hanging above, glass & brass lanterns perched on side tables and a pine tree strung with tiny twinkling lights and white baubles. All that’s missing is a sprinkling of snow.

Minimalist decorations and cosy sheepskins definitely help to create a Scandi ambiance, but it’s not all about accessories. If you’re hoping to transform your home into a Nordic wonderland this festive season, there’s much more to it. Here are a few tips to help you to embrace a Scandinavian sensibility in your home (we promise not to mention hygge).


Hanging Wire Star


Light candles

If you’re looking to evoke the spirit of the Scandinavian countries in your home this winter, lighting candles is a necessity. There’s just something about the soft flickering flame of candlelight that instantly makes a room feel warm and cosy. Especially at Christmas, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going all out with candles. Place a candle on the mantelpiece, on a shelf, on side tables, in the centre of your dining table, in your bathroom …. wherever you have a flat surface!


Nordic Christmas


Create a cosy reading nook

There’s nothing better than returning home from a long day at work (or a hike in the hills) and sinking down into your favourite armchair with a good book and a hot drink. Creating a cosy little corner in your home can make all the difference during the winter months, providing a snug place to curl up and read or just to scroll through your phone if you prefer. Don’t just consider the appearance of this cosy nook; it’s more about being warm and comfortable. Choose a squishy seat that you can sink into and pile with soft blankets, throws and cushions. Light candles, play your favourite music and keep a well-thumbed pile of books in close proximity.


White Snowflakes


Let in the light

It may seem at odds with our previous point, but throw open your curtains and allow natural light to flood into your home. When daylight is limited, it’s important to embrace the little light that we have at this time of year. If you can’t get outdoors, position yourself close to the window and bathe in the natural light. Even if you’re leaving and returning home in the dark, open your curtains before you leave in the morning to allow any indoor plants the chance to soak up the sun.


Nordic Christmas


Keep things simple

One thing to remember when you’re creating a Scandinavian aesthetic at any time of year is to keep things simple. Clutter and fuss is not part of the Nordic vocabulary. Don’t be tempted to buy every Christmas decoration that catches your eye; instead plan out your festive decor and only opt for a couple of pieces that you really love that will work well in your home. Keep things as minimal as possible and pay attention to the quality, design and materials rather than splashing out on lots of cheap ornaments. The same goes with your gift wrap – think simple and avoid unnecessary bows and ribbons.


Australian Longhaired Sheepskin - Champagne 5


Embrace natural materials

This applies to your choice of furniture as well as seasonal decorations. Opt for heavy wooden tables, soft sheepskin rugs and wool sofas, then embellish with paper, evergreen and ceramic decorations. A real pine Christmas tree and wreaths will help to easily create a Nordic ambiance and release a complementary fragrance in your home, but if that isn’t an option, a good faux tree and a pine scented candle will also do the trick!


Resin Antler Decoration


Nordic Christmas

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