Interview with Interior Designer, Peter Grech

May 29, 2020
Interview with Interior Designer, Peter Grech

One thing we are really missing at the moment is chatting to our regular customers who pop into our south-Manchester showroom. Peter Grech is a local interior designer who often pops in to see us with his lovely dog, Polly. We caught up with Peter, also known as The SpaceMaker, over email to chat about his interior design business, decorating during the pandemic and of course, Polly.


Hi Peter, lovely to speak to you! Could you talk us through your process of how you work on an interior design project.

I am very passionate about working hand in hand with my clients. We do a taste finding session for me to get a good idea of the things my clients really love. I also dive deep into the issues that they are having with their home and how they envisage using the space eventually. After obtaining this information and setting a budget I work on delivering a presentation to my clients that includes mood boards, layouts and suggestions of colours and materials that could be included. We work on finessing all the details including lighting plans and products until the client is absolutely happy with everything. We then move onto any building or remodelling work as necessary, trades get involved and the products get ordered. It is like coordinating a symphony, but we take it all on so the client doesn’t have to worry or lift a finger. Eventually, it all comes together for the final install and styling where the clients get to enjoy an incredibly bespoke space that is perfect for them.


Interview with Interior Designer, Peter Grech


What current interior trends are you excited about at the moment?

I must say I am loving a bit of modernism mixed with more primitive pieces. Balanced eclecticism is one of my core loves.


What simple changes would you suggest for updating your home for summer, and how could your design service help someone make these changes?

I think textiles are a really effective way of seasonally updating a room. Changing heavier winter curtains for lighter linens or washed cotton can really freshen up a room for summer. I offer designed-in-a day consultations where we can tackle very specific issues such as window dressings or layout issues. I have helped clients over video call (and face to face in different times) to re-think about their spaces and give them actionable tips to make their home the best it can be easily and quickly. I also offer more in-depth design consultations up to full home re-design depending on the client’s needs.  I always encourage people to speak to me about their homes and we can come up with the best solution for them.


Interview with Interior Designer, Peter Grech


Do you think the current situation with Covid-19 will affect how we decorate our homes?

Most definitely. Our homes should be our shelter and a space for the family to congregate.  I think people have had to come face to face with their interior situation whether they like it or not. Issues that might have been ignored are now amplified. Some people may have realised that open-plan spaces are not working for them or that they want more of their personality reflected in their homes. I hope that people realise the value that a well-designed space can bring, such as instilling a sense of calm, security, beauty and togetherness. I think there will be a significant change with more people needing to dedicate permanent working from home spaces that are both functional and beautiful.


We love your dog, Polly! Do you have any design tips for people with pets who are worried about them destroying their homes?

Aw thank you! We love her too, she is super! To be honest I didn’t design my home to be dog friendly. We are very lucky with her temperament and fortunate that she doesn’t destroy our furniture or rugs. I do believe its all about training, but I appreciate not all pets are the same. One shouldn’t have to choose between having a pet and beautiful interiors. It would have to be taken on a case by case basis but I would recommend taking extra care when selecting materials such as using outdoor fabrics on your indoor upholstery as they are more robust and can withstand the extra wear that comes with family life.


Interview with Interior Designer, Peter Grech


Which homes on Instagram do you most admire at the moment?

I am obsessed with the interior designer Amber Lewis who has just finished her own home and it looks incredible (as do all her clients houses). I believe she creates such a great balance between old and new with a very relaxed Californian vibe. I am also in awe of @manwithahammer who is solo renovating a massive but stunning Georgian home in Devon – he is full of energy and no task seems to scare him. What I would do with those rooms and proportions!


Who would be your dream client?

My dream client is someone who really values great design and is happy for me to push the design envelope just enough to create something spectacular. Even though I enjoy creating beautiful interiors in any space, I would also love a client with an architecturally interesting home, be it a beautiful period property or a very modern home.  I believe that sets the stage for some really exciting interior spaces to be created.


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Interview with Interior Designer, Peter Grech

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