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September 16, 2016
These Four Walls Blog

To continue our series of posts interviewing the inspiring people behind our favourite Instagram accounts, we caught up with Abi from These Four Walls to find out a little more about her Nordic-inspired minimal feed. We love the simplicity behind Abi’s feed and appreciate her keen eye for great design, clean styling and interesting details. Read on to discover a little bit more about life behind the scenes of These Four Walls’ Instagram feed.



These Four Walls


How would you describe your Instagram feed in three words?
Calm, uncluttered, minimal.

These Four Walls

What subjects do you most like to take photographs of?
Anything that catches my eye: beautiful interiors, interesting bits of buildings, little snippets of daily life, coffee, flowers, landscapes, the sky, the clouds. Oh, and my cat – he tends to feature in my feed quite frequently!

These Four Walls

What sort of interior style do you prefer?

I love Scandinavian design, as it manages to achieve that tricky balance between form and function; Scandinavian homes tend to be both minimalist and cosy, and that’s how I’d like my own house to feel. I like to throw a bit of boho into the mix, too, and I have an obsession with grey and white decor: it’s so soothing – a great antidote to a busy life!

These Four Walls

What do you look for in home accessories?
Timeless design which will last for years to come. I’d much rather invest in a few stand-out pieces than fill my home with lots of clutter. I’m generally drawn to simple lines and muted colours, and I love the texture of natural materials such as wood and marble.

These Four Walls

What is your favourite item in your home?
I have a couple, and they each reflect different aspects of my style. The first is a Kubus by Lassen candleholder – it’s a Scandi classic and I’d wanted one for ages. I finally caved into temptation on a recent trip to Copenhagen, though I spent so long standing in the shop umming and ahhing about which colour to buy that my fiance took himself off for a coffee while I made up my mind! The other is an old Singer sewing machine that used to belong to my great, great grandmother. It’s sparked a bit of a collection, and I now have several vintage sewing machines which I’ve picked up at charity shops and flea markets over the years.

These Four Walls

Could you recommend three of your favourite Instagram accounts?
Can I be cheeky and name four? There are so many wonderful accounts to choose from, so it’s hard to narrow it down! I love the evocative landscapes and architectural details of @emilievancamp, and the striking simplicity of I’m always inspired by the wonderful eye for design of fellow blogger @han_house, who shares my love of Scandinavia and cute cats! Finally, fellow Bristolian @kymgrimshaw‘s feed is full of mouthwatering food and hidden corners of the city.

These Four Walls

And what is your top tip for growing your Instagram?
Find a style which showcases your personality and your vision, and try to reflect it in your feed as much as possible – be it through lighting, subject matter, composition or a combination of all these things. But don’t be afraid to experiment, either – Instagram is such an inspiring and creative community, and I’m constantly learning from others and picking up new ideas to try. Perhaps most importantly, though, take time to interact with other people – comment on their photos, and explore hashtags to find new accounts to follow. I’ve made friends for life this way.

All photos by Abi Dare

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