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How to Welcome Spring into your Home

February 22, 2021

It feels like Spring is finally in the air! The snow has melted, crocuses are appearing everywhere and the days suddenly feel longer, brighter and warmer. It’s the perfect time of year to have a good old spring clean, giving your home a complete once-over while getting it ready for the warmer months. Here are our top tips for how you can easily welcome Spring into your home over the next few weeks.

Bring in fresh flowers

One of our favourite ways to embrace Spring is to fill your home with flowers. Bringing fresh flowers into your home will instantly evoke a sense of Spring with their colour and fragrance. Buy a bouquet of daffodils from your local florist or pick snowdrops and crocuses from your garden for seasonal blooms. Alternatively, treat yourself to a dried bouquet that will add a Spring aesthetic without fading.

How to Welcome Spring into your Home | Rose & Grey

Give your walls a lick of paint

One of the best (and easiest!) ways to instantly give a room a brand new look is with a lick of paint. If a room in your home is feel drab or dark, give it new life by painting the walls a fresh and bright hue. We’ve shared our favourite paint trends for the year here but our top tips for Spring freshness would be to opt for a pale grey, green or beige.

How to Welcome Spring into your Home | Rose & Grey

Introduce spring scents

Spring always reminds us of the fresh and sweet scent of blossom and flowers, so bring that fragrance indoors with a new candle or diffuser. Put away musky and smoky scents until autumn and embrace zesty, sweet and energising smells. Diffusers are great for all-day fragrance while candles are perfect for feeling cosy at night.

How to Welcome Spring into your Home | Rose & Grey

Update your fabrics

We love to change up the materials in our homes at the start of Spring. As soon as you pack away heavy, warm fabrics such as sheepskins, wool and cord, your home will feel fresher. Hang linen curtains, swap your bedding for organic cotton and embrace cushions and throws in soft, light materials and colours.

How to Welcome Spring into your Home | Rose & Grey

Open your windows

Want to get your home ready for Spring without spending any money? Thrust your windows open wide and allow fresh air to circulate around your home. After six months of feeling stuffy indoors, the sound of bird song, the smell of freshly cut grass and the cool breeze will instantly give your home a Spring feeling.

How to Welcome Spring into your Home | Rose & Grey
How to Welcome Spring into your Home | Rose & Grey

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