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How to Style your Child’s Room

January 31, 2018

Our new kids collection is now live, so we thought we’d share a few tips for how to decorate a child’s bedroom or playroom using our new pieces. Alongside cute printed textiles, the collection also includes several pieces that can be styled anywhere around your house. In fact, we think we’d have to have more than one of each item – one for our children and the other for us! How cute would the little pineapple cushion look in your living room? Or the circular wooden shelf could easily be styled with miniature plants to add interest to your hallway. Read on for our top tips for decorating kid’s spaces.


Rose & Grey Children's Collection


Size matters

There’s no point filling your child’s bedroom or playroom with adult-sized furniture that is simply too big for them. Instead, look for styles that were made with little people in mind. There’s plenty of furniture made especially for children, but there are also ‘grown up’ options with petite dimensions – such as our 366 chairs and rockers. These small-sized Mid-Century chairs are perfect for small spaces and extra seating around your home, but they’re also the perfect size for children. Smaller kids can easily climb onto the chairs and as they’re designed for adults, they’re perfect for all ages.


Rose & Grey Kids Collection

Go bold

You don’t have to paint the walls a garish colour to brighten up a child’s bedroom or nursery. We’ve introduced a boldly hued chair and several vibrant accessories into the look shown in these images, but the walls are a subtle soft grey that won’t date as your child ages. A bright piece of furniture is a great way to inject a splash of colour but you could just as easily drape a vibrant blanket over a more neutral seat. Fun little cushions and toys that were made to be left out on display also add interest.


Pineapple Toy Cushion


Embrace prints

Even if you shy away from print in the rest of your house, allow your child’s imagination to run wild with plenty of interesting prints and patterns. We love this fish print blanket that is perfect for both snuggling up in and creating a starting point for your child to invent stories and play make-believe. Again, prints don’t have to be permanent or overwhelming. If you’re wary of printed wallpaper, keep the walls neutral and stick to printed textiles.


Fish Blanket


Think soft

Children are known for bumping into things and falling over, so it’s important to fill their spaces with plenty of soft textures to cushion their falls. If you have bare wooden floors, layer a couple of soft sheepskin rugs that will both protect tiny knees and provide a cosy space for lying upon. Add plenty of cushions and soft toys to beds and chairs to provide more spaces for snuggling.


Sheepskin in Kids Room


Consider longevity

Of course, your children won’t stay tiny forever and we completely understand that you don’t want to invest in pieces that they will quickly outgrow. Our circular wooden shelf can be used right through your kid’s childhood, giving them a space to update with their favourite objects as they age. Likewise, this cute rabbit-ear mirror could be admired by all ages and the ears easily detach if your child outgrows them. And this stylish banana leaf toy would look just as much at home in your living room as in the playroom.


Rabbit Ear Mirror



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